MR #13.06: Annual HFS Medical Cards


  • Annual HFS Medical Cards, HFS 469 (R-10-12) (pdf) will be issued in place of monthly MediPlan cards (HFS 469), All Kids/FamilyCare/Moms & Babies Identification Cards (HFS 469KC), and Illinois Healthy Women medical cards (HFS 469HW).
  • At implementation, the new annual cards will be issued to active medical cases instead of a March 2013 monthly card.
  • A new brochure, HFS 591MC, Using Your Medical Card (pdf), will be inserted with the new medical cards at implementation and ongoing.
  • The Automated TMEC process (WinGrape Option F7) is revised to allow the Interim Recipient Data Base (IRDB) to be updated without issuing a temporary medical card (Form 1411). Temporary medical cards (Forms 1411) are now obsolete.
  • This release also moves information about medical cards to new manual section, WAG 25-11-00: Medical Cards (from WAG 25-04), and updates related program information in the manual.
  • See Information Memoranda CN 13.01, Changes to HFS Medical Card, and CN 13.02, Changes to Your Medical Card for information about notices sent to clients about the medical card changes.