Individual Care Grant for Children with Serious, Chronic, Mental Health Conditions with Symptoms of Psychosis

The Individual Care Grant Program for Mentally Ill Children (ICG/MI) is administered by the Office of Mental Health. The ICG/MI grant provides funding to severely mentally ill children less than 17 years and six months of age (17 1/2 years) who may require mental health treatment in a 24-hour residential setting or who, with the support of intensive in-home mental health treatment services, may continue to live with their family.

There are significant and specific clinical eligibility requirements for the program. Family income is not a criterion. The eligibility requirements are listed below:

  1. the youth must have severe impaired reality testing. The symptoms for impaired reality testing may include: hallucinations, delusions, avoidance, or withdrawal from human contact, marked affective instability, apathy, and bizarre behavior, deficient or unusual forms of communication, agitation, and/or danger to self or others.
  2. the youth must have symptoms which do not indicate an acute episode (rapid onset with short duration) where symptoms subside and remission is likely, and
  3. the youth must have had an appropriate trial of in-patient, and/or out-patient, and/or community based treatment, and
  4. the youth must be currently enrolled in an approved Illinois State Board of Education educational program at the elementary/high school level, and
  5. the youth must be less than 17 years and six months of age, and
  6. the youth and their parent or legal guardian must be Illinois residents.

Eligibility for the Program is determined by a formal review of the child's mental illness and history of treatment. After eligibility is established, the ICG/MI Program provides funding for the cost of individualized in-home mental health treatment services or the per diem cost for residential treatment. Eligibility is re-assessed annually.

The parent or legal guardian of the youth applying for the ICG must request an application. Applications may be obtained by calling:

For an ICG Application call 1-866-359-7953.

An ICG Coordinator, employed by a Screening, Assessment, and Support Services, (SASS) agency located in the family's geographic area is available to provide assistance to the family in gathering the required information and documentation for the ICG application. Families are encouraged to seek assistance from the ICG Coordinator when preparing and gathering application materials. Incomplete applications will be returned with a list of missing item(s). Only complete applications will be reviewed for program eligibility.

The completed application must be mailed to:

  • Individual Care Grant
  • Illinois Mental Health Collaborative for Access & Choice
  • 200 W. Adams Suite 1625
  • Chicago, Illinois 60606

For an ICG Application call 1-866-359-7953.


Approximately 263 severely mentally ill children and adolescents received funding for ICG services during Fiscal Year 2012. Fifty seven percent of these youth received treatment services in a residential treatment facility, and 43% of the youth received intensive treatment services in their community while living at home. The percentage of youth receiving in-home services has increased over the last ten years.

The Department contracts with in-state residential treatment facilities and out-of-state facilities to provide mental health treatment services for youth with an ICG. Placement in Illinois, close to the child's home and community is preferred so that the child's family can be involved in the treatment process. Approximately 81% of the children and adolescents in residential programs were served in Illinois facilities, and 19% received services in out-of-state facilities.