Provider agencies with an approved DSP training program must submit the completion of DSP training to the Health Care Worker Registry through the DSP Online Registry Web Site.  Providers must complete an Illinois Health Care Worker Registry Application Form and enter the DSP's information into the Southern Illinois University (SIU) online system within 30 days of the training completion date.  Delays in this enter beyond 30 days require a waiver of the training requirements approved by the Division of Developmental Disabilities before the DSP's training record can be added to Health Care Worker Registry.  See DSP Waiver for Delay in Meeting Training Requirements.

Providers may request login credentials to the DSP Online Registry Web Site by calling 618-453-1962 or via email

Important Information

After submitting DSP information through the SIU online registry, allow 3 working days for processing, then check the Health Care Worker Registry to ensure that the DSP's name appears on the Registry with the designation "DD Aide" under Programs. This can be checked on the Illinois Department of Public Health web site or by calling Health Care Worker Registry staff at (217) 785-5133.

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