News from the CCMS Project Team

The CCMS Project Team continues to work toward state-wide implementation. System enhancements will be completed by January 30 so that select end users can verify upgrades and defect resolutions from previous User Acceptance Testing. Data conversion activities continue.

Project Timelines

January 31 & February 1: 2-day Defect Review and Enhancement verification

February 4: System enhancements deployed to training environment

May: User Acceptance Testing

June: Pilot and state-wide implementation

Organizational and User Readiness - Providing Readiness Support.

A review of the CCAP Help Desk Requests still indicates that some end users are not changing their passwords every 30 days!


We are finishing up our internal testing of the scanning functionality and developing an installation handbook. The handbook will contain instructions on how to set up the scanner, scanner IDs, which settings will be needed for the bar codes, user authentication, signing-in/out, getting to the web and basic trouble shooting tips. Next month, we will begin testing the scanner outside of the state network. The handbook will be distributed during our Scanning and Document Management Readiness Workshop.

The CCAP Help Desk

The CCAP Help Desk is moving to the Clouds! We plan to introduce a web-based help desk software program which will allow CCAP local experts, with approved security, to enter requests and system problems via the Internet. We will share complete details soon.

CCMS User Security

Some agencies have had staff turnover since the submission of the original CCMS user spreadsheet. Agencies will be given an opportunity to update their spreadsheets. CCAP Help Desk staff will e-mail the most recent CCMS security spreadsheets to agency POCs within the next two weeks.

As soon as we receive the updated spreadsheets, users will be given instructions for establishing or resetting CCMS/InfoView passwords. This will allow individual users to become acquainted with changing and troubleshooting password issues through Central Management Services at least once before system implementation.

CCAP Policy Update

Did you receive the December 19, 2012 Memorandum from the IDHS Bureau of Child Care and Development, Policy Unit providing guidance on how to process RSPs? CCR&Rs and Sites now have access to TANF clients' Responsibility and Service Plan (RSP) information on the ACID system. This information is to be used when determining CCAP eligibility for TANF clients who are involved in activities other than employment.

(Please refer to the Memorandum for additional processing instructions.)

CCMS will follow policy. Is your staff well-versed in CCAP policy?

CCMS Training

In February all CCMS system features will be operational in the CCMS training environment. TTTs are expected to conduct at least two on-site training sessions prior to system go-live. If you have not done so, please submit your training schedules to us.

We will not conduct the Organizational Routing and Parking Lot Questions workshops. There have been some changes to the routing rules. Therefore, during the month of February each agency POC will be contacted on an individual basis to review and update their routing spreadsheet. Parking Lot Q&As will be e-mailed to the POCs on/or before January 31.

The following table reflects our new workshop schedule:

Topic Date Completed
Supervisory Functionality & Business Process Change February 2013
Scanning & Document Management February 2013
System Review (includes enhancements) March 2013
TTT Workshop (Part 2) March 2013
Non-CCMS Site Administered Provider Readiness April 2013
Readiness for Pilot (pilot locations only) June 2013
Go-Live Preparation June 2013
Facilities Readiness & Cut-over Weekend June 2013

Frequently Asked CCMS Questions

Question: What types of alerts are built into the CCMS?

Answer:  There are three types of alerts: Task (example - pending application), Informational (example - approval notice generated), and Reminder (example - action not taken on application in X days). Task and Informational alerts are mandatory.

Question: What are reminders and how do we edit them, if needed?

Answer: Reminders are generated for current and overdue tasks as well as other triggers in the CCMS system. Reminders are similar to those found in Outlook Express; however, the reminders in CCMS will not pop-up. To eliminate a reminder, please refer to the View and Dismiss Reminder Wizard.

Question: Which reports now generated through CCTS will be eliminated or changed with reporting capabilities in CCMS?

Answer: Reports can be created on demand by each CCR&R/Site to pull real-time information from CCMS. Reports that will not be generated in CCMS or CCTS may have the information found in them in new reports or built into tasks and alerts. For a complete listing of reports and their parameters, please refer to the Reports

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Editors: CCAP Training, Program Support and Operations
Please e-mail comments or questions to: DHS.CCMS-INFO@illinois.gov