Action Memo: 2013 SSA and SSI Benefit Increase - Cash and SNAP Cases

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Action Memo 2013 SSA and SSI Benefit Increase - Cash and SNAP Cases

We are providing information about the January 2013 increase in Social Security and Supplemental Security Income (SSI) benefits. Family Community Resource Center (FCRC) staff are responsible for budgeting the increase for Cash and SNAP clients specifically excluded from central budgeting.

The 1.7% increase will be received starting with the SSA and SSI checks received in January 2013. Clients receiving both SSA and SSI will receive a total increase of 1.7% for both benefits. In some cases, the amount of SSI may decrease due to the amount of the SSA increase. The $30 SSI benefit for clients in long term care facilities will remain the same.

See Attachment I for new SSI amounts for clients living in the community.

See Attachment II for a summary of when to budget the SSI/SSA COLA increase for community cases.

A separate memorandum regarding central budgeting of the SSA increases for Medical only cases is being provided by HFS.