New from the CCAP Help Desk

The CCMS Project Team continues to focus on its three critical paths to implementation: Technical Readiness, Data Readiness, and Organizational & User Readiness. The CCAP Help Desk staff needs to intensify its focus on: Organizational and User Readiness - Providing readiness support.

CCAP Help Desk staff are responding and tracking user requests. Eighty percent (80%) of all requests are password related. That's a big percentage of our dwindling CCAP Help Desk staff's time.

Ninety-nine (99%) percent of revoked passwords are due to user error: expired or lapsed passwords, or the selected password not following the guidelines. Of the 80% of CCAP Help Desk requests, 60% should be managed at the agency level.

The most effective way for you to do this is to:

  • Review the password guidelines with staff
  • Ensure that staff change all IDHS system passwords every 30 days
  • Have staff check their new passwords to make sure they fall within the guidelines
  • Confirm that the user's State of Illinois ID information matches their personal information to obtain PKI Certificates
  • Follow the troubleshooting instructions or contact information on the webpage in use before contacting the CCAP Help Desk
  • Check to see if other agency users are experiencing the same issue. If so, contact your IT liaison
  • Require staff to consult their supervisor or IT liaison before contacting the CCAP Help Desk

Now is a great time to exam your agency's password practices. Agencies who spend the time upfront verifying internal connections and explaining password guidelines to users seem to experience fewer issues; and minimize the loss in staff productivity due to time needed for CCAP Help Desk password resets.

The second most requested task received by the CCAP Help Desk is for duplicate certificates. The CCMS will allow each R&R the ability to print and send duplicate certificates. Until the system goes live, please do not instruct parents or providers to contact Springfield. Also check to make sure the certificate was issued prior to advising your staff to contact the CCAP Help Desk.

PLEASE NOTE: Due to the high volume of password resets, requests to add new staff or for duplicate certificates may be delayed.

Our goal is to help you to stregthen your organizational and user readiness. However, you must take control of your agency's problem escalation process. If you have suggestions or comments to assist with this effort, please e-mail them to DHS.CCMS-INFO@illinois.gov .

Updates for the Train-the-Trainers (TTTs)

This document provides updates and general information about CCMS trainings that each of your agencies are responsible for providing as you conduct your on-site CCAP training sessions.


We will notify you as enhancements on existing features are moved into TRN. Certain features of CCMS are not currently available in the Training Environment (TRN):

  • uploading a document
  • on-line application submissions
  • add/update provider information


A spreadsheet with access information for the CCMS Training Environment was e-mailed to the Local Train-the-Trainers.

Training Materials

Materials for your trainings can be found on the IDHS/CCMS Training Website at: http://www.dhs.state.il.us/page.aspx?item=56869. Click on the CCRR/Site Training Material link to access the materials you will need in the classroom, including Power Point presentations, answer guides for classroom exercises and case scenarios to use as you build your training cases on the TRN.

Be sure to study the CCMS Classroom Training Instructor Guide that was provided to you during the Train the Trainer sessions held by Deloitte staff. This will be your guide to conducting classroom trainings and is key in ensuring you cover all of the needed subjects.

Please let us know if your internal training schedule changes. We will use this schedule to inform agencies with scheduled trainings of system issues as we are aware of them. Keep in mind that, although the TRN environment is available at all times, the Content Manager software is only available on Mondays and Tuesdays.

You may see changes made to on-line Job Aids and Wizards as this process moves along. Be sure to pull all materials for your classes shortly before each trainings session.


All Web Based Trainings are available through our NetLearning system. Please make sure that staff are completing all of the web trainings listed in the Training Road Map (http://www.dhs.state.il.us/page.aspx?item=58320) for their CCAP duties. Follow the instructions from the e-mail to log into the NetLearning system.

You may access the courses at any time. You may take the associated test either immediately following the training or at a later time. Your agency's Director will receive monthly attendance updates.

Finally, it is of utmost importance that you let us know as soon as possible if you encounter problems with the Training environment.

Please e-mail your issues to: DHS.CCMS-HelpDesk@illnois.gov.

Thanks - Your CCMS Training Team

CCAP Forms: http://www.dhs.state.il.us/page.aspx?item=10151 Job Aids and Other Training Material: http://www.dhs.state.il.us/page.aspx?item=56869

Division of Family & Community Services, Office of Early Childhood

Editors: CCAP Training, Program Support and Operations

Please e-mail comments or questions to: DHS.CCMS-INFO@illinois.gov