Local Office Pride Update September 2012

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September 2012 LOP Update (pdf)

The New Southeast

Last November, Managers and staff at the Southeast FCRC began plans to revamp their waiting room and customer service process. They wanted to start the New Year with "The New Southeast."

In January, Southeast staff implemented new practices for Service Coordination customers by taking the concept of a Manager on Duty and running with it. This new customer experience begins with the Screener/Greeter greeting each customer as they enter the waiting room, assessing their needs and directing them to the appropriate services.

In addition, Southeast has a Manager on Duty (MOD) and Caseworkers on Duty (CODs) who serve customers from interview booths located just outside the waiting room. The CODs serve any customer with an active case who is not on a specialty caseload, such as TANF.

"Thank you for the new system. I was not only impressed with the amount of time it took…but the pleasant people from the time I came in…" - Southeast FCRC customer

When the Greeter determines that the customer can be served by the Caseworker on Duty, the customer gets a number and waits for their number to show on the "Now Serving" sign, which indicates that the next Caseworker on Duty is available to serve them. A TANF community service worker helps to direct customers from the waiting room to the interview booths.

This new system is easier on customers and staff. Service Coordination caseworkers no longer have to walk between floors to get customers and there is more time for processing while CODs are interviewing and seeing walk-in customers. Mr. McIntosh, the Southeast LOA shared that customer feedback has been positive as well.

Estela Tuczi, Sonia Lopez, Diretha Jennings, Phyllis Baxter, Daniel Williams join Secretary Saddler in celebrating the new look and process at the DuPage FCRC.

Local Office Pride Celebrations!

During a Local Office Pride (LOP) kickoff event in June, at the DuPage FCRC in Villa Park, Secretary Saddler met with staff and toured the office to see the many important process changes and facility improvements that have occurred through LOP.

Linda Saterfield, Director of the Division of Family and Community Services, also joined staff at the Southeast FCRC for their LOP kickoff to celebrate their hard work and success over the past year testing and implementing many changes to their office processes.

"With these changes, Southeast staff members have been able to ensure customers receive their benefits in a timely manner," said Saterfield. "Many staff members have also commented on the improved work environment and increased employee morale."

Jennifer Wagner, LK McIntosh, Linda Saterfield, Linda Shumate, & Donna Clay join in celebrating the many new improvements put in place at Southeast.

Great Work at Northern FCRC

A huge congratulations goes out to the staff at the Northern FCRC, who through their hard work and dedication have seen a steady rise in processing timeliness. Over the past 6 months, timeliness rates have increased across all categories, in both intake and service coordination.

"for approximately the past 6-8 weeks we have been submitting our new Medicaid applications online and getting Appointment Letters and Approval Notices from your office very timely…thank you for the new processes that have been put in place…we have seen much improvement." - Northern community partner

We applaud their team effort in ensuring customers receive their benefits in a timely manner. As a testament to their hard work, LOA Aida Sanchez recently received an encouraging message from a community advocate. Great work Northern!

The Northern FCRC Timeliness for new SNAP Applications

Intake Service Coordination
February 2012 83.9% 61.1%
March 2012 75.3% 54.7%
April 2012 87.4% 62.5%
May 2012 87.6% 71.4%
June 2012 93.0% 72.3%
July 2012 93.3% 75.4%

The Northern FCRC has demonstrated positive trends in timely processing for new SNAP applications in both intake and service coordination.

Plowing Through the Backlog at DuPage

Following the shift from caseloads to process management in Service Coordination at the end of Feb 2012, the DuPage staff have worked diligently to clean up the backlog of SNAP recertifications in the office.

By the end of August, the office had fewer overdue applications than it had in over a year and as a result they have seen a reduction in customer visits to the office and reduced customer complaints. Additionally, many DuPage FCRC staff report a much improved work environment and believe that the new process is working well.

SNAP Renewals Income Vs. Processed

This chart illustrates that beginning in March the DuPage FCRC was able to process many more applications - keeping up with the incoming demand and working through their backlog.

DuPage SNAP Renewals Incoming vs. Processed
Date Incoming SNAP Redes Approved SNAP Redes Denied SNAP Redes SNAP Redes Processed Difference
Dec 2011 3733 3005 3005 -728
Jan 2012 2541 2284 2284 -257
Feb 2012 4012 2073 2073 -1939
March 2012 3675 3690 550 4240 565
April 2012 3842 4760 649 5409 1567
May 2012 3526 2898 585 3483 -43
June 2012 2336 3365 758 4123 1787
July 2012 2244 1811 496 2307 63
Aug 2012 2218 1978 407 2385 167

LOP coming soon to the South Suburban FCRC!

Beginning in September 2012, the staff at the South Suburban FCRC will begin to implement process changes and facility improvements that will benefit both staff and customers as part of Local Office Pride (LOP).