The CCMS Communicator - July 20, 2012 (pdf)

News from the CCMS Project Team

Our anticipated CCMS roll-out is still on track to begin after the CCAP back-to-school rush, which is the end of September/beginning of October.

Our implementation plan continues its focus on technical and data readiness activities. This includes data conversion and testing; as well as regression testing. This week's regression testing included several modifications or "fixes" to the CCMS. Each change was tested and/or retested to ensure that the change functioned as it should, and still conformed to program requirements.

End users who have helped to test the system report that this type of hands-on experience has enabled them to transition from viewing CCAP through the lenses of the Child Care Tracking System to understanding the new CCMS. If you are a CCR&R or CCMS Site-Administerd provider staffperson who are is interested in gaining this new perspective by helping with regression testing, check with supervisor and have your agency's POC e-mail your contact information..

The CCMS will be using IBM DataCap, instead of Kofax, as its scanning software. Development and integration testing is going well. We began user acceptance testing the software internally this week. This should allow us to test the scanning software outside of the State network within the next week or two. Soon afterwards, we will have a test script for each agency's IT Liaison. Please completely set up your scanning workstation by installing the scanner and imprinter. Agencies will receive the script, and instructions concerning when and how to use the script as soon as IBM DataCap has been fully tested and validated.

We are continuting our organizational and user readiness activies, also. Train-The-Trainer sessions #2 and #3 are scheduled for July 23-27 (Chicago) & July 30th-August 3rd (Bloomington). A total of 44 trainers are targeted to complete this course.

Our upcoming Readiness Workshop series include:

  • Web 3270 Confirmation
  • Parking Lot Q&A Review
  • Scanning & Document Routing
  • Non-CCMS site Readines
  • Go-Live Preparation
  • CCMS Facilities Readiness & Cutover Weekend

We are tracking system changes so that we can keep training materials updated. If you would like to report changes that may have been overlooked, please send your comments to us via e-mail at DHS.CCMS-INFO@illinois.gov.

Have you visited our training webpage recently? http://intranet.dhs/oneweb/page.aspx?item=56869

Test Your CCMS Knowledge

  1. Which CCAP forms have changed?
  2. Which CCAP forms will be CCMS generated?


Question: Is there communication with the customer to return the RAI? Is there something on the form which will tell them to return the form?

Answer: The new RAI form includes instructions for the client to return all of the bar-coded forms and the requested information.

Question: How will SAMS certification (related to provider certificates) be accessed when using CCMS? Info is currently available through CCTS.

Answer: SAMS is accessed through the IPACS screens. The CCMS has an IPACS link. A link to IPACS is located on both the Links tab and the Case Search page.

Question: How will PASDX (Social Security verification) be accessible when using CCMS? Info is currently available through CCTS.

Answer: It will accessible through the IPACS link.

Question: Can change of information for processing and change of provider be processed simultaneously with a Redetermination Work Item?

Answer: The system will accept it and there is no current policy that prevents this.

Question: What is the process of handling end of school term dates to the start of the next term? Should the end date of the school term be extended to the start date of the next term? Should a grace period be used?

Answer: According to policy, grace periods for school are only available to clients who are attending college between semesters. Grace periods can be granted for 30 days after the end of a semester. If the start of the next semester is longer than 30 days, you can use the old case number and add a new eligibility period once the new semester begins.

Question: In CCMS the providers' number format appears different than that of CCTS. Since Certificates payments are still processed in CCTS - will provider numbers added in CCMS have the same format in CCTS?

Answer: CCTS has had the 15-digit provider number for several years, and it does appear on the billing documents. The CCTS screens are being changed to allow entry of either the 15-digit or the 9-and-2-digit provider number after the new system comes up, and users may find it easier to migrate to using the 15-digit number after rollout.

Finding F-Key Information in CCMS

The following table is a summary of the F-Key Job Aide:

F Key CCTS Information How do I find this Information in CCMS?
F2 List of payment details by case number This information is not available in CCMS. This can be viewed in CCTS.
F3 List of payment details by provider TIN This information is not available in CCMS. This can be viewed in CCTS.
F4 List of all forms requested on CCTS by the CCAP worker for case Documents - Document Search page
F6 Employment and education information Case - Work Information page
Case - School Information page
F7 Search CCTS for a provider by name Provider - Provider Search
F8 Search CCTS for a client by name Case - Case Search - Search by Last Name & First Name fields
Case - Case Search - Search by SSN field
F9 List of all generated batch generated forms for case Documents - Document Search page
F10 Case number

Case - Case Search page

Case Number also displays in the purple header

F10 Shared case number

Case - Case Search page

Shared Case Number also displays in the purple header

F10 Collab indication and eligibility dates Case - Case Information page

Division of Family & Community Services, Office of Early Childhood

Editors: CCAP Training, Program Support and Operations

Please e-mail comments or questions to: DHS.CCMS-INFO@illinois.gov