PM 06-25-00

Persons may qualify for CountyCare if they do not qualify for full medical benefits under any of the following programs:

  • Family Health Plans
    • Family Assist;
    • All Kids;
    • FamilyCare;
    • Moms & Babies;
    • MPE;
  • TANF;
  • AABD at or below 100% of the federal poverty level (FPL) for those who are resource eligible (see the note below);
  • Breast & Cervical Cancer (BCC);
  • Health Benefits for Workers with Disabilities (HBWD);
  • Medicare Savings Programs: QMB, SLIB or QI-1;
  • Refugee & Repatriate Assistance; or
  • Other federally funded full medical benefits programs.

Persons receiving Medicare are not eligible for CountyCare.

Note: A Cook County resident who receives Veteran's Care or is in unmet spenddown (income or resource) with income between 100% and 133% of the FPL may qualify for CountyCare.