The CCMS Communicator - July 13, 2012 (pdf)

News from the CCMS Project Team

CCAP Help Desk

As introduced in the February 2012 issue of The Communicator, BCCD has a new CCAP Help Desk to provide more detailed support for our providers. The title may be new, however the associated tasks should be familiar to all BCCD staff and providers.

For years CCR&R and Site staff have e-mailed or telephoned Rick or Ray to receive, reset or revoke RACF IDs or passwords; request duplicate center certificates; to receive assistance with the Web3270; and for IVR or CCTS problems. You will continue to receive the same excellent service from Rick and Ray! The only difference is that you will no longer telephone or e-mail them directly.

Instead you will e-mail your security forms, requests, questions, or updates to DHS.CCMS-HelpDesk@illinois.gov. The subject line should indicate the nature of your request. For example, "Adding New Staff-form attached, "Deleting Staff-form attached," or "New Web3270 Staff." Until the CCMS has been fully implemented, you may also e-mail the Help Desk to "Request Duplicate Center Certificate." After implementation, CCMS users will access and print certificates locally.

In addition to recording and tracking current tasks, the CCAP Help Desk e-mail will play a critical role in helping with IT-related problem escalation receipt, tracking, resolution and reporting. Shortly before the CCMS goes live, the CCAP Help Desk will begin using a tracking software to help BCCD to ensure that all CCMS, CCTS or InfoView issues are resoluted as quickly and efficiently as possible. The software will enable BCCD management to identify and address trends or reoccurring issues. The software will also allow the CCMS Project Team to capture warranty and maintenance issues.

DHS.CCMS-HelpDesk@illinois.gov goes live on August 1, 2012. On that date, all afore-mentioned questions and requests must be routed via e-mail to the CCAP Help Desk.

Have you visited our Child Care Management System (CCMS) Training website recently? 

Train-the-Trainer (TTT) Update

The first week of the CCMS Train -the-Trainers classroom sessions concluded on July 13. CCR&R and Site staff that attended found the training very useful!

The reviews (evaluations) are in: "Thank you for building our confidence and proving we are ready!"; "What an excellent job you all did, especially with the amount of time you had to make sure we are ready! Thank-you!"; and "Very excellent class and glad to be able to be trained on the system. It will be really helpful to train other users and help in their ease of learning."

The next two sessions of TTT will be held July 24-27 in Chicago, and July 31-August 3 in Bloomington. The first day of each session (Tuesday) will start at 10:00 am. Start time for classes Wednesday through Friday will be 9:00 am. Tuesday-Thursday classes will run until 4:30, Friday's class will conclude at Noon. Training Points of Contacts for each agency should have received e-mails with registration information by now. If not, please contact Mike Garner-Jones.


  • Question: Because much of the schedule information will now be available on CCMS, will I need to change what I case note now?

    Answer: BCCD may amend what is required when case noting. Look for additional communication from BCCD for direction on how case notes will change in CCMS in the future.

  • Question: Will clients and providers receive forms through the same distribution method, even if they have different mailing preferences?

    Answer: No, clients and provider will receive forms according to their mailing preference. If a client prefers mail, while a provider prefers email, each will receive their document through these delivery options.

  • Question: Do overpayment referrals still need a supervisor sign off, and if so, how will I accomplish this in CCMS? Does the form need to be printed, signed then uploaded?

    Answer: Overpayment referrals should go through your supervisor as they do today. However, instead of the signature of the supervisor, a work item note will suffice. Then, you or your supervisor can send the overpayment referral to BCCD.

  • Question: If a client sends in a redetermination instead of an application (ex. 30 days past rede due date), can it be entered into CCMS like a new application to hold the earliest possible start date?

    Answer: CCR&Rs/Sites can accept redeterminations after the 30 days; however, a new work item may have to be created.

  • Question: Will hard copies of the completed background forms still be sent to the CCR&R?

    Answer: Background forms will continue to be sent back to the CCR&R while fingerprints will not, just as it is today. However, now the CCR&R/Site will scan in the background forms in a separate batch process.

  • Question: Will BCCD send new written document retention policy/procedures?

    Answer: BCCD is currently editing the policy to include electronic records. The revision will be shared as soon as it has been approved.

  • Question: We still have questions concerning Web3270. Is it possible for BCCD to conduct a webinar?

    Answer: BCCD will conduct a Web3270 CCMS Readiness Workshop within the next two weeks. Registration information will be e-mailed to all POCs soon.

Suggested CCMS Enhancements

The following is a sample of the excellent suggestions that were received from our end users:

  • Can CCMS create Z case numbers?
  • For each organization, can we get a blank bar code form for un-coded documents that assign the document within an agency?
  • Need the ability to make a child (not just parent) inactive - example: child moves out of the home or dad moves out of the home. Currently child remains a member of the family size.
  • For Provider closeout reason "Other" CCTS gives user option to explain - will this option be available in CCMS?
  • When uploading documents into the CCMS, can we add these naming options: KIDS, ACID, PASDX, AWVS, OTHER (we will name the form in a document note)?

State of Illinois Central Repository Vault

  • Question: What is the Centralized Repository Vault (CRV)?

    Answer: The CRV is a technology solution used to house the key documents of the organizations that provide services on behalf of the five State human services agencies. Information deposited into the CRV will be only available to authorized State and provider organization personnel. This repository will substantially ease the administrative burden of service providers responding to numerous data, licensing and program monitoring requests necessary to remain in compliance with contractual/licensing provisions.

  • Question: What if I have any questions?

    Answer: The CRV is administered by the State of Illinois. Therefore providers should not contact BCCD staff for assistance or information concerning the CRV.

Any questions that cannot be answered by the information provided on the website should be submitted via the "Contact Us" link on the CRV website. Once the "Contact Us" information is completed, the question/issue will be electronically routed to the appropriate agency administrator.

Division of Family & Community Services, Office of Early Childhood

Editors: CCAP Training, Program Support and Operations

Please e-mail comments or questions to: DHS.CCMS-INFO@illinois.gov