The percentages in the table indicate the level of compliance with Admininstrative Rule 115 at the time of review of the CILA providing the developmental disability services.

Description Percentage Explanation
Full or Acceptable
100% In full or acceptable compliance with Rule 115, considered to be in good standing.
93% - 99% Considered to be in acceptable standing.
Administrative Notice 80% - 92% Written "Notice of Violations" has been issued listing each rule violation, notice is given that additional violations of Administrative Rule 115 may result in higher sanctions.  An acceptable plan of corrections is required within 30 days.
Probation 70% - 79% Agency is minimally compliant with Administrative Rule 115.  Agency will be on probation for up to 90 days, at which time failure to make corrective changes and return to good standing may result in a higher level of sanctions.  Admission of new individuals is not allowed during probation.
Restricted License 69% and
Admission of new individuals is not allowed, corrective action to bring agency back into good standing must be completed within 60 days. A Division of Developmental Disabilities monitor will oversee progress of the agency.  Depending upon severity of violations, individuals may be moved to another agency.  If corrective actions are not taken, the agency will be subject to Revocation of License.