The Arie and Ida Crown Memorial is a fund named in honor of the parents of Henry, Irving, Herman, and Edward Crown. Arie and Ida Crown immigrated to the United States from Eastern Europe at the end of the 19th century. They settled in Chicago, Illinois hoping to provide a better life and opportunities for their children. Arie was an itinerant peddler, but he and Ida were able to offer their children a stable home embedded in Jewish values and traditions. The Crown brothers' upbringing gave them a strong foundation on which to build one of the most successful corporations in America today. In 1947, the Crown brothers allocated a portion of the profits from Material Service Corporation to create a foundation that would allow them to give back to the country and community that offered them the opportunity to prosper. Today, the Foundation's work is carried on by the descendants of the Crown brothers and focuses its giving in various program areas across the city of Chicago and Cook County, as well as within the Jewish community in Chicago, nationally, and in Israel.

The Program Areas are:

  1. Arts and Culture: AICM grants in the area of Arts and Culture are given to support quality major, mid-sized, and community-based arts organizations in Chicago. Grants in this area tend to focus on: providing access to arts organizations for students and disadvantaged populations, cultivating growth in the arts community, fostering creative opportunities for school-aged youth, or integrating cultural programs into mainstream educational programs;
  2. Civic Affairs: AICM grants in the area of Civic Affairs are given to organizations in Chicago that assist in giving voice to populations of special interest and to develop a communal capacity to constructively respond to issues;
  3. Education: AICM grants in the area of Education primarily target innovative pilot initiatives, supporting the development of quality teachers and principals in the system, and promoting a higher overall standard for public education by supporting premier programs within the system. In addition, AICM supports selected scholarship programs;
  4. Health: AICM grants in the area of Health focus primarily on providing access to basic health services and support for those in greatest need. In addition, AICM provides grants to organizations that promote health as well as assistance to those who are not always able to help themselves;
  5. Human Services: AICM provides a large number of small and mid-sized grants to Human Service organizations which provide needed or basic services for the disadvantaged. These grants are intended to ensure Chicago's safety net as well as provide resources for organizations that promote and develop individual and communal self-sufficiency; and
  6. Jewish Philanthropy: AICM Jewish giving focuses primarily in five core concerns: Jewish education, assistance to the disenfranchised, health and safety, continuity of cultural traditions, and bolstering Jewish communal agencies worldwide. Proposals from nonprofit agencies are considered for programmatic, capital, and general operating needs.

The purpose and objectives of this program are very specific in nature. The distinct subject matter of this funding opportunity necessitates a thorough review of the official program guidance referenced at the URL provided in the contact section of this summary.

Deadline Information

In order to apply for funding, interested organizations should submit a Letter of Intent to the Foundation by 5:00 p.m. on January 31st or July 31st each year. If the LOI is reviewed favorably, a full proposal may be requested by the Foundation. Deadline date is August 1, 2014.




Contact Information

Marie Emma Smith

222 North LaSalle Street, Suite 2000

Chicago, IL60601

Fax: (312) 984-1499