Provider Registration Manual

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Pre-Registration Requirements

  1. Provider Contact must have an ID from the State of Illinois CMS Identity Management System
  2. Provider must have a DUNS Number
  3. Adobe Reader 9+ and Adobe Flash Player 10+

Using the CRV Registration Form

  1. Select the CRV Registration (pdf) link from the DHS Centralized Repository Vault (CRV) Website 

    Note: Please review and comply with the Requirements for Participation before completing registration.

  2. Complete the CRV Registration (pdf) form (sample below) 

  3. All fields with a Red asterisk (*) are required.
  4. The Certification check box is required. (I certify that I am a representative for the above-named Provider. I am authorized to upload and remove corporate and company documents submitted to the State of Illinois on behalf of the Provider into the Central Repository Vault.)
  5. Select ("click" ) the [Submit Registration] button.
  6. The Message box at the top will indicate whether or not the form submission was successful and any additional instructions for the user.
  7. It may take up to 2 business days before registration approval is complete.
  8. The person listed in the Contact Information will be notified via the email address provided if registration has been approved and access to CRV granted.

Post Registration Instructions

  • Providers will receive email notification of their registration status.
  • You must be approved by a CRV Administrator BEFORE login to the CRV application may occur.