The CCMS Communicator - June 22, 2012 (pdf)

News from the CCMS Project Team

Implementation Readiness

This is a very exciting time for our project team. The CCMS Project Team continues to focus its attention on Technical Readiness, Data Readiness and Organizational & User Readiness. The first cycle of data conversation of the Child Care Tracking System is complete. We are in process of validating converted data and evaluating the results in CCMS. Our UAT regression testing continues with the objective of ensuring the quality of the data migration and data processing. We have begun validation and testing of the CCTS to CCMS conversion data.

During Phases I and II of UAT, testers had the opportunity to review the end-to-end processing of program information. Some of the minor defects and suggested system changes that were discovered during UAT have been fixed. As you may recall, the purpose of UAT was to ensure that the system captured the business processes needed to administer the CCAP program, and to discover any potential system defects. Our UAT testers and training attendees provided excellent comments, questions and detailed suggested changes.

Evaluation of this feedback has proven to be extremely productive. As of today, we have separated the feedback into program updates or technical enhancements. Next week the CCMS Project Team will be considering whether the incremental technical enhancements should be part of pilot, implementation, maintenance or post-maintenance activities.

Based on the scope of some of the questions and suggested enhancements, the CCMS Project Team has recommended that the start date of the pilot be delayed. This will enable us to thoroughly review each proposed technical enhancement to analyze the scope and effort needed to complete and integrate required functions. All stakeholders will be notified of the final pilot start date.

We will continue to provide weekly updates on our progress, identify changes as they occur and report revised timelines.


Details concerning our Train-the-Trainer modules are being drafted. We will share the logistics with each agency's POC beginning next week. Additional web-based trainings and tests are being loaded onto the NetLearning webpage. Notification will be sent out as soon as they are available.

Parent/Provider Notification: At the request of several agencies, BCCD is drafting a notification for parents concerning the new system.


  1. Question: Will rates automatically update if at the current max when an increase goes into effect?
    Answer: CCMS will update exempt home providers to the new max rate. If a center or licensed home rates in CCMS are equal to or greater than the new maximum rate, CCMS will use the new max rate. When a provider increases their rates, they must complete a rate certification form and the new rates must be entered in CCMS.
  2. Question: Before go-live will there be a cut-off, so that there is no need for parallel processing for entry of cases that come in and are not part of the conversion?
    Answer: Our approach will seek to minimize parallel processing. We are close to finalizing the approach and will share the details soon.
  3. Question: Can the Caseworker role be customized to accommodate certain update functions? Or is this an all or nothing capacity?
    Answer: The CCMS security grouping, much like that of CCTS, is fixed. There is no ability to edit individual tasks.
  4. Question: Will the P2Hear screens be converted to the appeals information on CCMS?
    Answer: P-2 screens will not be on CCMS as they come from the Bureau of Administrative Hearings.
  5. Question: In CCMS are Appeals assigned based upon CCAP residence or FCRC BAH County of choice? Will BAH still send out the missed appointment or rescheduled appeal letters?
    Answer: Appeals are assigned to the local office closet to the client's address on record for convenience. BAH will continue to send out the missed appointment letters and to reschedule.
  6. Question: Is the Payment Preference field informational or is it linked to CARS and how the caseworker should record payment preference for the provider?
    Answer: If they want direct deposit or debit card payments, they will still need to complete and submit the proper paperwork.
  7. Question: Are there data checks on the system (i.e. Street addresses, Towns, etc.), so that when running reports data is not skewed because of typo errors?
    Answer: CCMS interfaces with Finalist software and updates addresses to match postal codes if the address is close (example adding the last 4 numbers of the zip code)
  8. Question: Service Authorization Page when the warning indicates a provider is over capacity - what is the CCMS process for denying the provider or case?
    Answer: For an application, CCAP staff would send a Denial form to the client and provider and also send a Change of Provider form to the client. The case does not need to be denied if the applicant is eligible unless the applicant doesn't return the Change of Provider form.

List of Fixed Defect/Enhancements

Provider search on Child Care Arrangement screen was changed from dropdown to a search popup. This is similar to search popups used on other screens, e.g. Case Search, Work Item Search.

  • 10 day timeframe for a worker to process an App/Rede/COI was changed to be based off Date Received.
  • An Assigned worker search field was added to Tasks Search screen.
  • Checkboxes were added to Provider screen to indicate that provider has provided a valid SSN card and Photo ID. Business rule in CCMS was changed to display warning message if these checkboxes are not checked when attempting to approve provider.
  • Provider types for the business rule were changed to 764 - 767.
  • Support was added to CCMS for a Site provider to be associated with a case via an R&R. In such a situation, the R&R would be the organization associated with the case and the Site would be the end provider providing actual child care for the case.
  • Replicated CCTS co-pay formulas and lookup tables in CCMS.
  • Work Item, Task and Document search screens were enhanced to remove mandatory search criteria. More search criteria were added to the search screens to improve usability.
  • Daily On-Demand process for Child Care Certificate (3492) was implemented in CCMS.
  • The RAI letter is a dynamic form. Meaning it will not print out 7 pages, it will only print the checked items and any pertinent instructions

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