Assistance/Contacts for CRV

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Password/Username Assistance

To reset your password: 

  1. Please call the DoIT Service Desk ((217) 524-3648 V, (312) 814-3648 V, (866) 277-5669 TTY ) and after the voice prompts, press #1 for software assistance and then press #1 for password reset.
  2. Tell the DoIT Service Desk person that you would like to verify an EXTERNAL ID (external is the key word, so they will know which domain to search).  If they can't find you in the system, please follow the instructions below (DoIT Service Desk Can't Find Your ID).
  3. Once they find the name and verify it, ask them to reset your password. You can even give them a password that you prefer (as long as it meets the password criteria) so they won't assign you a generic one.
  4. The password reset should take effect within five minutes, so please attempt to login again after that time. If you still have issues after the reset and login attempt, sometimes the system has to re-sync overnight with the enabled user, so try again the next day.

DoIT Service Desk Can't Find Your ID:

When you called the DoIT Service Desk to reset your password and they couldn't find you in the system, it means that you haven't logged-in to the CRV in over a year, and your ID was deleted out of the State's external domain by CMS due to inactivity. We are trying to address this situation, since some providers only need to use the CRV once a year.

You will have to obtain a new ID; it should actually be the same ID that you already had - in the firstname.lastname format - but since you are no longer in the domain, it will be a "new" ID as far as the system goes. You need to go through the same process as you did before, but this time you only need to complete Step #1 of the registration process (obtaining an ID). If you have previously registered for the CRV successfully, then you are still active in that database, so you don't need to complete another registration form.

  1. Go to the CRV homepage, and click on the State of IL CMS Identity Management System link to obtain your "new" ID.
  2. Once you get an email confirmation from CMS Identity Management stating that you have successfully created your ID, please forward that confirmation email to  to be added back into the external domain and enable your CRV login on the next business day (once the newly added users sync with the system overnight).

Logging into CRV

Make sure to use the following credentials when attempting to login to the CRV at

  • Domain: General Public, not employed by State (always use this domain)
  • Username: [your ID, in the firstname.lastname format]
  • Password: [whatever the reset password is]

The above credentials should get you through the Web Authentication Portal, then you should enter the same username and password in the subsequent CRV login screen.

General Assistance

Please contact the CRV Support Team at if you are in need of assistance.