Frequently Asked Questions

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  • Q: What is the Centralized Repository Vault (CRV)?

    A: CRV is a technology solution used to house the key documents of the organizations that provide services on behalf of the five State human services agencies. Information deposited into CRV will be only available to authorized State and provider organization personnel. This repository will substantially ease the administrative burden of service providers responding to numerous data, licensing and program monitoring requests necessary to remain in compliance with contractual/licensing provisions.

  • Q: Why should provider organizations use CRV?

    A: Increased efficiency, such as eliminating multiple and duplicate requests for administrative documents needed by various State agencies, or various divisions within agencies, that justify and encourage community service providers' use of CRV. Moreover, CRV is a key component of the Management Improvement Initiative, signed into law on August 25, 2011 as Public Act 97-0558. Therefore, providers' participation in CRV is mandatory as a condition of contracting with a State human services agency, in order for agencies to remain in compliance with Public Act 97-0558. The State human services agencies include the:

    • Department of Human Services,
    • Department of Children and Family Services,
    • Department of Healthcare and Family Services,
    • Department of Public Health and
    • the Department on Aging.
  • Q: Will State agency personnel use CRV?

    A: Yes. It is important to note that not only will provider organizations be required to upload the appropriate documents to CRV, but State agency personnel will be required to utilize CRV as a means of accessing these documents in the process of completing the necessary monitoring or licensing functions. Once providers upload documents to CRV, State agency personnel should not ask providers to produce "hard copies" of documents that are contained in CRV.  

  • Q: Who is authorized to use CRV?

    A: Approval for use of CRV is granted to employees of community service providers that are currently under contract with a State human services agency and to State agency employees who are either involved in the management of CRV or who perform licensing and program monitoring functions necessary for contract compliance.

  • Q: What is necessary to access CRV?

    A: Please see the Requirements for Participation in CRV section.

  • Q: Why is an ID required?

    A: An ID is required as a security measure to access an application that is hosted on any State of Illinois Internet platform. The CRV website address has "DHS" in it because DHS is the Lead State Administrator of the CRV for all State human services agencies; however, this is the site that everyone will use to upload and review documents (i.e. there is not a special DCFS, HFS, DPH or Aging site to be used by each agency and its respective providers).

  • Q: What happens after my registration form is submitted online?

    A: After the one-page pdf registration form is completed online, and the "Submit Registration" button is clicked, the registration request will be routed electronically to a CRV administrator for approval. Once a registration request is approved by a system administrator (usually within 24 hours), the approved user can then go to the main CRV webpage, click on the "CRV Login" link, enter the necessary credentials, and either upload new documents or access documents that have been previously uploaded. Please note: PROVIDERS CAN ONLY ACCESS DOCUMENTS FROM THEIR OWN ORGANIZATION (i.e. providers will not be able to view the documents from any other organization).

  • Q: Can there be more than one authorized contact person per provider?

    A: Yes, organizations can have multiple individuals (as necessary) authorized to use CRV. Each CRV user, whether from the same organization or not, will be identified by a unique ID.

  • Q: How do I upload documents to CRV?

    A: Once login credentials have been obtained, users should click the "CRV Login" link on the main page and enter their ID. When users enter CRV, please click on the "Upload" button, and follow the instructions.

  • Q: What types of documents can be uploaded into CRV?

    A: All information uploaded to CRV must be in pdf format. Providers are expected to convert their documents to pdf format before uploading them. Document types other than pdf will be rejected at the time upload is attempted.

    A list of Documents to Upload in CRV can be found on the CRV website. It is possible the CRV document list will expand to include more documents in the future.

  • Q: What is the timeframe for uploading documents to the CRV?

    A: Providers, once they have completed the registration process and been approved as authorized users, should begin uploading documents no later than June 15, 2012. Given the communication that providers should receive informing them about this process, and realizing the other obligations placed on our providers, we are anticipating that all documents should be uploaded to the CRV by June 30 in preparation for the 2013 fiscal year beginning on July 1.

  • Q: Will monitoring/licensing personnel from the State agencies still request hard copies of documents when they perform their review responsibilities?

    A: State agency personnel should use the CRV to access the documents needed for their licensing review or monitoring responsibilities. These personnel will be able to register and gain access to the documents needed to perform their State functions. In using the CRV, these reviewers should not need to request any documents from the provider organizations, unless the needed documents are not included in the Documents to Upload in CRV list. If there are documents that are needed and are not in the list, then CRV administrators will look to expand the list to include those documents.

  • Q: What if I have any questions?

    A: Any questions that cannot be answered by the information provided on this website should be submitted to somoenone on the Assistance/Contacts list.

  • Q: Are audit cost an allowable expense?

    A: Yes, you can include audit cost as an allowable expense.


As stated above, because of Public Act 97-0558 signed by Governor Quinn, participation in the CRV, for both the provider community and the five State human services agencies, is mandatory. The expectation is that all providers, given the list of 17 documents, will upload the documents that are applicable to them. Part of this packet is a "Non-Applicable Document Placeholder" file. If any of the listed 17 documents are not applicable to you, please complete and upload this "placeholder" (so that all of the 17 document "slots" will be filled).

Accordingly, the expectation is also that State agency staff members who perform the monitoring/licensing/review/compliance functions will utilize the CRV as the primary source for acquiring needed documentation, thus relieving providers from responding to redundant information requests.