The CCMS Communicator - June 15, 2012 (pdf)

Implementation Readiness

The CCMS Project Team continues to prepare for an anticipated July 16th implementation of the new CCMS. The 8-week User Acceptance Testing (UAT) officially ended this week. However, regression testing will continue for an additional two weeks in Springfield. Some issues that were identified during the past eight weeks have been corrected. This will be confirmed during regression testing as we re-test a representation of scenarios with key program functionalities. Evaluation of the Suggested Changes and Requests for Enhancements began this week. We will also test our on-line application and the scanner/imprinter during regression testing.

We will continue to send e-mail updates to the Point of Contacts (POC) for distribution within each agency. We will also begin communicating with pilot sites. Our focus over the next several weeks will be three-fold:

  • Technical Readiness - confirming that the CCMS application and the associated technical environments have been tested and verified as being stable and the application can be given a "go" for pilot and subsequently for statewide rollout; and communication of the roll back plan.
  • Data Readiness - testing data conversion; data entering security and routing rules; and testing the CCAP Help Desk software.
  • Organizational and User Readiness - concluding Readiness Workshops; providing hands-on training for Local Experts; confirming that all hardware has been setup, configured and validated; providing CCMS Log In/Password information to each user; and distributing Validation Checklists to all IT contacts.

The day before Go-Live, each IT contact person will be granted access to the CCMS to validate system readiness before making CCMS available their agency users. IT contacts will perform and report the following validation checks:

  • Validate team and routing information is correct
  • Perform a case search and select five random cases to validate converted information is accurate and available
  • Perform a task and work item search
  • Perform a provider search and validate converted information is accurate and available
  • Request a report
  • Perform a City of Chicago search
  • Test a hyperlink on the Links tab


Thanks to everyone who attended our Training Webinars this week! We had over 1,600 attendees across the 19 webinars. INCCRRA has reported that they have one recording for each webinar topic (Reports, Finding Info, Documents and Work Items, Security/Routing, Troubleshooting). These webinar recordings are very large files so it may be easier to distribute them via DVD rather than place them online. A decision on the best format to distribute the recordings should be reached within the next two weeks. We will notify your POC of the outcome.

We heard your feedback! We are working to plan three hands-on Train-the-Trainer classroom sessions, held one each week, during the weeks of July 9, 16, and 23. Additional information concerning these hands-on sessions will be shared with your POC shortly.


  1. Question: For agencies entrenched in processing - the dashboard provides all the information one needs on the status of work to be completed or for compliance. What additional purpose do the constant reminders serve? Can the reminders feature in any way be turned off?

    Answer: The reminders are intended as ticklers to remind workers of overdue or pending items. Your CCAP Manager can log onto the Manage Tasks page of the Administration Tab to manage tasks/reminders. Those items that are coded Y under Mandatory cannot be changed. However, there are multiple other items that can be turned off by indicating N under the Enabled heading.

  2. Question: When searching for the provider using a number assuming it is a FEIN, and the number has been input in the SSN, will the system search on both fields or will it not find a match?

    Answer: If you enter both. You enter both numbers on the Add/Update Provider screen so that they can be cross checked.

  3. Question: What is the function or purpose of the "Apply to All Providers" on the Provider Holiday/Days off Page? And in what instances would users use it?

    Answer: If you click that box, every provider will have that day off. For example, if there was a snow day. Currently only BCCD security roles can edit this field.

  4. Question: Right now the rate effective date defaults to the date the new rates are entered. Students say that on the rates certification form, an effective date is on the form and is often in the past. How should this be handled with CCMS?

    Answer: The state max rate will continue to be entered into CCTS. The R&R can update the actual rate for the provider and the effective date is date that it is updated.

  5. Question: DHS Employee: Clarification of the DHS employee checkbox. Need to know what employees are considered DHS employees - only DHS or R&R/Site employees who are technically contractors.

    Answer: The intent for this checkbox is to prevent employees who are also clients from updating their own case. Thus, it would apply to anyone who has the ability to update or view case information in CCMS. Of course, it can be used to indicate DHS employees, too.

  6. Question: Will CCMS verify that the SSN matches the name or just that the number exists? Is this a CCMS function or does it import from IPACS?

    Answer: Both. CCMS will do automatic checks with the SSA database and send a task if the SSN doesn't match the name and/or DOB.

  7. Question: Will CCMS update eligible days in CCTS for certificates based on either the cancelation date or the provider close out date?

    Answer: CCTS will use the monthly days entered on the CCMS Service Authorization page. CCMS will remove days for service months after the cancellation or provider closeout dates. CCAP staff will need to modify the days for the effective date service month in CCMS.

  8. Question: Since the FEIN is not a mandatory field, what is the key element that allows a "maintaining" CCR&R agency, or "associated" agency to determine whether or not to add or update an existing shared provider?

    Answer: FEIN is a mandatory field depending on the type of provider selected in the "Provider Type" field.

  9. Question: Currently we receive 3 copies of the approval notice-1 to client, 1 to provider - 1 to R&R…will R&R still receive this?

    Answer: CCAP staff will no longer receive copies of the approval notice via US mail. Once an approval notice is generated and submitted through CCMS, approval notices will be available to view in CCMS.

  10. Question: In CCTS, a manager must override days greater than the calendar days - is this the same in CCMS? Do you need this still in CCTS for payments?

    Answer: Workers can use the workflow status "App Requires Supervisor Over-ride".

  11. Question: How will certificates be sent with CCMS? Through CCTS? Does the R&R have to request the batch to be sent?

    Answer: The process for mailing the monthly billing certificates will not change. A new supplemental center certificate form can be issued locally via CCMS. Staff will also be able to request home certificates for cases approved after the monthly batch through CCMS.

  12. Question: Can BCCD email guidance on what to do with IPACS screens after they are saved to a person's desktop?

    Answer: Upload and associate with the client case. Name each screen shot with the parent name, system check, and the date you generated the screen shots. All screen shots from the same system should be in a single file, so staff will not need to upload 8-10 documents per eligibility review. Even if a system check generates no data - for example if a parent does not receive child support, the screen should be captured and uploaded so we can verify the system check was completed. For example: Jane Doe-KIDS_5.24.2012 or John Smith-IPACS_5.25.2012.

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