MR #12.13: SNAP Outreach Program


  • Introduces and explains DHS' SNAP official Outreach Program and how the outreach partners help applicants to apply.
  • Describes how outreach partners help local office staff by gathering needed verifications.
  • Reminds staff that on a Web application for cash and medical benefits, a signature page is an eligibility factor.
  • Adds policy that a customer or a SNAP Outreach Partner may submit page 11 of Form 2378B signed and dated by the customer to the FCRC to fulfill the signature requirements for a Web application for cash and medical.
  • Introduces Form 3690 (pdf). Form 3690 will be used by SNAP Outreach Partners and Community Based Organizations so they can discuss the applicant's case with the Department. Form 3690 may be faxed, mailed or brought to the FCRC.