The CCMS Communicator-April 2012 (pdf)

News from the CCMS Project Team

Pre-implementation readiness continues as we rapidly approach deployment of the CCMS. BCCD is closer to it's goal of becoming more green by reducing it's dependency on hard copies of program records and forms.

The CCMS Project Team is busy preparing to unveil the new system. Some of the activities planned for this month include:

  • Completion of the training materials. The training schedule will be distributed and end users can begin to register. BCCD and staff from pilot locations will be trained first.
  • Commencement of UAT. The UAT schedule is being finalized and testers will receive training. The first wave of UAT will involve BCCD staff only. End user provider staff testing follows. During the 8-week UAT, SDA 14 will test the Internet application and SDA 6 will test the scanner/imprinter.
  • Agency Security and Routing roles are being data entered. Effective immediately, new CCMS Security roles will default to CCAP case workers, if not specified on the 4052 and 4055 forms.

CCMS Readiness Workshops

  • CCAP Policy Review was held on Friday, March 30th to explain some of the new policies and procedures. (You may request a copy of the training slides via the CCMS e-mail, at DHS.CCMS-INFO@illinois.gov .)
  • Net Learning Training took place on April 10th to help users understand how to register for training. Save this link on your computer http://intranet.dhs/oneweb/page.aspx?item=56869 as a short-cut.

The Child Care Tracking System (CCTS)

Eligibility functions have moved to the CCMS. Payment update/inquiry and certificate functionality of the CCTS will flow much as it does today. The look of some of the screens will be refreshed…

Screenshot of the CCTS payment update/inquiry screen.

Application Checklist Job Aid

Step 1: Receive a "Process Application" Task - After a new application is added into CCMS, a "Process Application" task is created and assigned to the correct team according to routing rules. The task appears to all workers on the team. On the Work Item Details page, select the caseworker's name in the Assigned Worker field to assign the application to the worker.

Step 2: Navigate to the Document Search page to View the Application - After the caseworker is assigned an application, the next step is to review the application for processing. Navigate to the Document Search page, a link to view the Application PDF displays in the Document History section of the page.

Step 3: Conduct a Case Search - Review the application and navigate to the Case Search page to perform a search for all individuals on the application. This will determine if any case members are known to CCMS, the CDB (client database), or the City of Chicago. If no record is found for the Head of Household, create a new case in CCMS.

Step 4: Record Parent/Guardian Information - On the Parent/Guardian Info page, document information for parent(s) on the case. Be sure to check the HOH box to on the tab for the parent who is considered the Head of Household.

Step 5: Record Case Information - Document the Reason for Child Care on the Case Info page. You can also record the Start and End date of care, and if the case is a RPY, Military, or Collaboration case. Use this page to document any grace periods on the case.

(The above is not complete. The complete checklist will be covered in the WBT.)


The following questions were e-mailed to DHS.CCMS-INFO@illinois.gov.

Question: When the CCMS rolls out, will we need a work station with a connection to CCTS (at the work station) initially to look up names and socials for mail to be sent to the proper caseworker or will CCMS already have all active and previous cases already loaded into it?

Answer:  All active and previous cases on CCTS will already be loaded into CCMS. The eligibility screens on the old CCTS will go away since all eligibility data will be on CCMS. The only functionality remaining in CCTS will be payment inquiry/update and requesting non-center certificates.

Question: We received instructions regarding the CCMS equipment that was delivered to us. Are we able to now contact our Tech support to install equipment?

Answer: You may connect the equipment now. However, you will not have the ability to confirm that the equipment works until you receive the Content Manager and Kofax Manager licenses from IDHS. You may want to consider how this will affect your warranty.

Question: How do I revise my agency's routing rules?

Answer: BCCD will provide training prior to Go-Live to allow each agency to revise their routing matrix after the system is deployed.

Question: Will we continue to use the Data Entry Forms (DEFs)?

Answer: No. Everyone will use the new 3455 child care application form. Sites that do not perform their own data entry will e-mail or fax the 3455 form directly into the CCMS. Data entry will continue to be completed by CCELIG staff. When the system has been fully deployed, these providers will also begin e-mailing (or faxing) complete supporting documentation with each 3455 form.

Extension Granted to Processing Time

BCCD will extend initial application and re-determination processing time from 10 business days to 15 business days for the first 90 days after CCMS goes live.

BCCD will run reports to track the processing time frames of each agency.

Division of Family & Community Services, Office of Early Childhood
Editors: CCAP Training, Program Support and Operations
Please e-mail comments or questions to: DHS.CCMS-INFO@illinois.gov