Attachment C - Service Capacity Form (xls) (Excel 97-2003)

Attachment C - Service Capacity Form (xlsx) (Excel 2007)

Services currently funded or readily available w/o capital development funding Program Code Annual Funding Amount Current capacity Estimated Average Number of Individuals Served per Month Proposed new capacity Proposed new costs Estimated Available Capacity Notes/Detail
Hospitals-Inpatient Psychiatric
Hospitals-BILT Model
Hospitals-Behavioral Health Srvices in ED
Community Mental Health-Psychiatric Leadership 350
Community Mental Health-Special Projects 510
Community Mental Health-Specialized Direct Clinical Services 515
Community Mental Health-Psychiatric Medications 574
Community Mental Health-PATH Grant 575
Community Mental Health-Crisis Staffing 580
Community Mental Health-Crisis Telephone Line Hours of operation =
Community Mental Health-MH CILA 620
Community Mental Health-Outreach 710
Community Mental Health-Drop-In Center 720
Community Mental Health-Quality Administrator 730
Community Mental Health-Integrated Health Care 760
Community Mental Health-Supported Residential 820
Community Mental Health-Supervised Residential 830
Community Mental Health-Crisis Residential Care 860
Community Mental Health-Supportive/PSH Housing
Community Mental Health-Non-medicaid NMR
Rule 132 Services-Crisis intervention
Rule 132 Services-Crisis intervention, state operated facility screening
Rule 132 Services-Crisis intervention--multiple staff
Rule 132 Services-Mental health assessment
Rule 132 Services-Treatment plan development
Rule 132 Services-Case management--mental health
Rule 132 Services-Case management--transition linkage and aftercare
Rule 132 Services-Case management--mandated follow-up
Rule 132 Services-Case management - LOCUS
Rule 132 Services-Psychotropic medication administration
Rule 132 Services-Psychotropic medication monitoring
Rule 132 Services-Psychotropic medication training--Individual
Rule 132 Services-Psychotropic medication training--group
Rule 132 Services-Oral interpretation and sign language
Rule 132 Services-Case management--client-centered consultation
Rule 132 Services-Assertive community treatment
Rule 132 Services-Community support, team
Rule 132 Services-Assertive community treatment, group
Rule 132 Services-Community support, individual
Rule 132 Services-Community support, group
Rule 132 Services-Community support, residential, individual
Rule 132 Services-Community support, residential, group
Rule 132 Services-Psychosocial rehabilitation, individual
Rule 132 Services-Psychosocial rehabilitation, group
Rule 132 Services-Therapy/counseling--Individual
Community Substance Abuse-Level I - Methadone 5
Community Substance Abuse-Level III Rehabilitation - Adult (Medicaid only programs) 27
Community Substance Abuse-Recovery Home 40
Community Substance Abuse-Case Management 41
Community Substance Abuse-Intervention 42
Community Substance Abuse-Level I - Adult or Adult/Youth 43
Community Substance Abuse-Level II - Adult or Adult/Youth 44
Community Substance Abuse-Halfway House 45
Community Substance Abuse-Detoxification 46
Community Substance Abuse-Level III Rehabilitation - Adult 47
Community Substance Abuse-Assessment 48
Community Substance Abuse-Donated Funds Initiative (DFI) 49
Community Substance Abuse-Toxicology 52
Community Substance Abuse-Interpreter Referral Services 64
Community Substance Abuse-HIV 95
Community Substance Abuse-HIV Early Intervention Training 96
Community Substance Abuse-Enhanced DASA Substance Abuse 3.5 or 3.7 Residential Services