Features appearing in green shaded boxes are those that will be funded through this RFI process. The functions contained within the blue shaded oval, will be provided by existing DHS structures. Together with the emergency departments currently operating in Region 1 South, this will become the new Region 1 South Crisis Care System.

Flow Chart of Region 1 South Crisis System

Region 1 South Uninsured Community Population go to 15 Community Hospitals (Approximately 1900 Referrals)

Flows into the items in blue shaded oval (ACARES - Eligibility, enrollment, and assessment) 

  • 9 EDs with Behavioral Health Assessment Capacity
  • 6 EDs No Behavioral Health Assessment Capacity
  • ED-based Assessment/Linkage (also green shaded box)
  • ED-based Assessment/Linkage (also green shaded box)
  • Above 4 dot points flows into Clinical Disposition (SA, or MH TX)

Flows into Firm Linkage to Region 1 South Crisis Care Alternatives Decision.  (Yes or No)

  • If No, flows to State Operated Hospitals which flows to Existing DASA Services.
  • If Yes, flows to the following green shaded boxes:
    • CHIPS
    • BILT
    • Crisis Outreach
    • DMH Crisis Residential
    • DMH Enhanced Community
    • DASA Ill5/Ill.7 Residential
    • DASA Enhanced Community Services
    • Above 7 dot points flow into Community Stabilization which includes 2 items:
      • Existing DMH Services and/or
      • Existing DASA Services