The CCMS Communicator -March 2012 (pdf)

CCMS User Acceptance Testing

Construction of the CCMS is almost complete. The system has already undergone Unit and System Integration Level Testing, and it is almost ready to begin User Acceptance Testing (UAT).

There will be two testing locations: one in Chicago and another in Springfield. BCCD and staffs from select CCR&Rs, Sites and INCCRRA will participate. Testers will be given scripts which replicate a cross-section of the CCAP business processes relating to eligibility, customer service, and program integrity. They will also test the Internet application, scanning functionalities, and reporting capabilities.

Testing will be done by real end users in an environment that simulates the production environment. There will be a 2-day pre-training session for testers. UAT will give testers a preview of the new system, and will help to identify any bugs related to usability so that they can be fixed before it is deployed Statewide.

This is an abbreviated sample of one of the 200+ test scripts that were developed by Subject Matter Experts from BCCD, CCR&Rs, Sites, INCCRRA and MIS.

Step # Inputs Test Case Data Used Expected Output/Results Dependencies on Other Test Scenarios Actual Result Result - Pass/Fail
1 Processing worker clicks on process apps task Processing worker is routed to work item detail screen
2 Worker selects self as worker and assigns to self. Worker clicks save. Worker is assigned item to process
3 Wroker logs into PACIS and views ACID screens 1, 2, & 3, AWVS if applicable, KIDS, and PASDX. Worker saves screens to desktop. Worker uploads screens into CCMS
4 Worker selects Parent/Guardian Info tab or click Next. Worker selects Parent status as active and answers yes to living in home. Worker verifies client first name, last name, SSN, and county of residence. Worker verifies home address, city, state and zip. Worker enters mailing address if applicable. Worker verifies home phone, mobile, phone, best time to call, another phone number, mail preference, email address, and verify email address, dob, gender and language. Click Save or Next (which will also save). Client information is saved in parent/guardian information screen

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CCMS Implementation Activities

The CCMS will be implemented in three phases (see chart below). The first component of the three-phase implementation, Pre-Implementation Readiness, began well before the system was ready for UAT. During this time the BCCD Implementation Team conducted several key activities to keep stakeholders informed: E-mails, newsletters, and readiness workshops. Communication to end users conveyed information about the project progress, answered questions, and provided direction around completing key implementation tasks. Agency Point of Contacts completed security spreadsheets and forms; as well as provided routing hierarchy. The CCMS training website went live and information from the security spreadsheets were used to assign users to each module.

Workshops topics have included: General Functionality, Director's Intro to CCMS, Security & Routing, Director's Security & Confidentiality, and Training. Detailed system user training will begin soon. Readiness workshops will also continue:

  • Go-Live Preparation
  • On-Site Readiness
  • Scanning, Documents & Work Items Functionality and Business Process Change
  • Facility Readiness & Cutover Weekend Activities

The second component of the implementation will be Go-Live Support. During this period child care providers will convert from CCTS to CCMS. The BCCD Implementation Team will utilize several venues to support agencies during this conversion process. Additionally, the CCAP Help Desk problem escalation process will be implemented. The key objective of this phase includes CCMS going live in a stable production environment, users receiving the necessary support to do their jobs and that there are functioning processes in place to quickly identify, escalate and resolve system issues.

BCCD will continue to update CCMS stakeholders at each step of this construction and deployment. So stay tuned!!

Three-Phase Implementation


SDA 13
DeKalb 4C Site
Carole Robertson


SDA 10
SDA 11
SDA 12
SDA 13
SDA 14
SDA 15
SDA 16
One Hope
St. Vincent



Who will Test the CCMS?

UAT Testers will be:

  • Staff directly impacted by the upcoming system and business process changes.
  • Frequent users of the application and functions planned in test scripts/cases.
  • Individuals with a sound understanding of business processes in the areas they represent.
  • Individuals with the necessary time to commit to this endeavor.
  • Willing to experiment (to try various methods to see what works and what doesn't work).
  • Patient and have a tolerance for ambiguity.

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