A. General Billing Instructions

  1. Services rendered are accounted for through the submittal of monthly reports and billings. The Department will provide billing forms and instructions. Billings must be received from the Provider no later than the 10th day of the month following the month of service. Billings must be in the format specified by the Department. Billings received without proper documentation will be returned to the Provider for resubmittal. There will be no exceptions.
  2. Final billings must be received by the 10th day of the month following the end of the Agreement period.
  3. The Provider must certify that all claims are accurate, complete and fully supported through case file documentation. Failure to submit timely billings in accordance with instructions will affect reimbursement of funds and the performance rating for future contracts. During program monitoring, the absence of support documentation in case files may result in disallowances.
  4. In the event there are no billables during a given month, the Provider must report no billable services on their monthly billing form.
  5. Audit/Monitoring Corrections should be handled in the same manner as a regular billing package with "Audit Correction" or "Monitoring Correction" indicated. Auditing/Monitoring corrections to disallow expenses may result in a negative or zero amount. The Billing Summary Pages(s) should provide all the details along with the related finding. For back up documentation, include the findings and corrective action page(s) from the audit or monitoring report.
  6. Billings submitted by the Provider for services rendered in months other than the current month's services are referred to as addendum billings. An addendum billing follows the same rules and instructions as a regular billing package with the added instruction to indicate "ADDENDUM BILLING."
  7. A Billing Acknowledgment Letter will be sent to the Provider each month after the Billing Section processes a bill. This letter will inform the Provider if any adjustments were made to their billing, an explanation of why the billing was adjusted, how much of the billing was approved and whether the billing was worked off against the Provider's advance balance or if the billing was processed for payment.
  8. The Provider agrees that the pre-signing and post-dating of any forms used for verification of program services for payment is expressly prohibited.
  9. The Department is not liable for costs incurred by the Provider when units of service exceed the total funds stated in this Agreement.
  10. The Department reserves the right to correct or return to the Provider for correction, any documents with mathematical or computational errors in payment subtotals or total contractual obligation.
  11. Work First and Job Placement with Retention Providers will receive an initial advance to cover administrative and supportive service costs. Providers will work off the advance in the service months of January and February 2013.
  12. Work First and Job Placement with Retention Providers are expected to have billed and earned 50% of their Administrative and Placement with Retention payments awarded by the December 2012 bill, due on January 10, 2013.  If not, the Agreement may be deobligated by the amount not earned.
  13. Work First and Job Placement with Retention Providers will receive a 1/12th administrative payment in July 2012.  Providers are expected to be serving and maintaining 100% of the contracted number of clients to be served each month and have them engaged in countable TANF activities.
  • Providers will be paid 1/12th of their monthly administrative dollars when 100% of the contracted number of clients to be served are assigned and engaged in countable TANF activities that month.
  • Any month a Provider serves and engages less than 100% of the contracted number of clients assigned in countable TANF activities they will be paid at a prorated per client amount.
  • If the Provider serves and engages less than 100% of the contracted monthly number of clients in countable TANF activities, the Provider will not be allowed to earn the difference in subsequent months.

B. Billing Packages Submittal Address

  •  Illinois Department of Human Services
  •  Office of Program Support and Fiscal Management
  •  Billing Section
  •  401 S. Clinton, 2nd Floor
  •  Chicago, IL 60607

C. Technical Assistance

Technical Assistance will be provided upon request. To request technical assistance, contact:

  1. Statewide Program Contact
    • Caprisca Randolph-Robinson, Chief
    • Bureau of Workforce Development
    • 8001 S. Cottage Grove, 3rd Floor
    • Chicago, IL 60619
    • Phone: (773) 602-4313
    • Fax: (773) 602-4220
  2. Statewide Billing Contact
    • Dale Eddy, Supervisor
    • Billing Section
    • 401 S. Clinton, 2nd Floor
    • Chicago, IL 60607
    • Phone: (312) 793-6621
    • Fax: (312) 793-3627