The Department will be responsible for the following provisions as applicable to the Provider's program and will provide an initial supply of the referenced program forms.

Front Door Referral Process: Upon execution of this contract, the Department will issue to the Community Partner, an advance of the contract funds for employment expenses in accordance with this contract.  The Department shall refer TANF applicants who have obtained employment and are in need of employment expenses to the Community Partner using the Referral Form (2151).

Upon expiration of this Contract, Financial Reporting Forms will be sent to the Community Partner for completion and return to the Office of Contract Administration.  The Financial Reporting Forms determine the relationship between the total funds disbursed by the Community Partner and any amount remaining.

The Department or representatives from the State, Federal or Auditor General's Office may conduct an audit review of the Community Partner's payment records.  The Community Partner agrees to fully cooperate with audit activities and the Department agrees to share relevant findings with the Community Partner.