The Provider will provide the program(s) specified on the Community Service Agreement, Exhibit B in accordance with the following provisions.  Exceptions to these provisions must have the written approval of the Department.

A.  Front Door Provider - Responsibility

The Provider must have the following:

  • A community outreach plan which includes a detailed description for notifying the community of the program, hours of operation, and eligibility requirements of the program(s) they administer for IDHS.
  • Linkage agreements or memorandums of understanding with other community services agencies, IDHS' Family Community Resource Centers (FCRC), and other outreach entities available for inspection by IDHS.
  • Prior approval from IDHS on any publication and distribution of flyers, printed materials and brochures that are part of the IDHS funded program.
  • A referral process that assists program participants with enrollment into public benefit programs such as TANF, Supplemental Nutrition Assistance Program (SNAP), All Kids, medical and disability assistance, as well as other resources that address the needs of the population targeted for service.

The Community Partner will issue payment for employment expenses for TANF applicants of the Local FCRC within 2 working days of receipt of the Referral Form (2151) from the FCRC.  The Community Partner will report the action taken by returning the Referral Form (2151) to the FCRC within 2 working days of issuing payment.  No fees shall be imposed upon applicant(s) by the Community Partner.

The Community Partner will reconcile the Front Door Ledger and 2151s with the FCRC Front Door Liaison prior to submitting to the Department by the 10th of the month following the month of service.

The Community Partner will issue Supportive Service payments according to the guidelines provided in Section XI: Appendices and Forms.

The Community Partner will maintain a record of payments authorized for employment expenses for audit purposes.  The record will include, at minimum, a copy of the Referral Form (2151), the applicant(s) name, type of employment expense(s) issued by the Partner, the amount(s) of payment issued, and the date issued.

The Community Partner will be allowed 7% in administrative costs based on services provided.  The funds for Administrative Expenses are included in, not in addition to, the contract amount.  Costs associated with check issuance and account maintenance will be included in the 7% payment and will not be allowed separately.

At the end of the contract period, any remaining funds not legally obligated or expended for employment expenses, shall be returned to the Department no later than 45 days after the expiration of this contract.

B. Family and Community Services (FCS) Special Contracts

FCS Special Contracts provide services to Illinois citizens when special needs are identified.  Programs are negotiated individually.  Services may be restricted to target populations, specified communities or geographical areas.