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Andrea Palmer
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Phone:  312-793-7957
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I. Introduction/Definition

The Illinois Subsequent Pregnancy Project (ISPP) helps first time adolescent mothers delay a second pregnancy and remain in and complete high school and to ensure the teen and her child are healthy and prepared for school by providing an integrated model of service delivery with two primary interventions: intensive home visiting coupled with substantive training through membership in a peer support group.

II. Policies & Procedures

Maternal and Child Health Services Code, 77 Illinois Administrative Code 630 (77 Ill. Adm. Code 630)

III. Contract and Amendment Process

Contract Process

The contract between the Department and the Provider is generally referred to as the Agreement and consists of several parts:

  1. Community Service Agreement, containing the standard contract language used for all Department contracts
  2. Exhibit A, containing Scope of Services/Purpose of Grant
  3. Exhibit B, containing Deliverables
  4. Exhibit C, containing Payment Information
  5. Exhibit D, containing Contact Information
  6. Exhibit E, containing Performance Measures
  7. Exhibit F, containing Performance Standards
  8. Exhibit G, containing State Agency Contracts
  9. Attachment E
  10. The Program Manual, attached by reference to the Agreement, contains the program service provisions.

The Department will initiate the contract by having it online for the Provider to obtain and sign.  The Provider will fax signature page to the Department to obtain the Secretary's signature and the Department will return a copy of the executed signature page of the contract to the Provider via pdf email.

Amendment Process

There are two types of amendments to an executed Community Service Agreement.

  1. Letters of increase or decrease - A letter is sent to the Provider stating the intent to increase or decrease dollars to specific program services existing in the Community Service Agreement. There is no need for the Provider to sign and return this document.
  2. Formal amendments A two-party signed agreement to an executed Agreement is a formal amendment. The following process is required for a formal amendment to be processed:
    1. Adding new program services - An amendment to add a new program service must contain a detailed summary of services to be provided under the executed Community Services Agreement and a method of payment.
    2. Extending the service dates of the Community Services Agreement* - An amendment to extend the service dates of the Community Services Agreement must contain the following information: Agreement number as it appears on the original Community Services Agreement; Provider name; clause stating the new term of the Agreement; signatures of the Provider and the Secretary of the Department of Human Services.

      *NOTE: A Community Services Agreement end date should only be June 30 due to mandates in the State Finance Act regarding audit period. Language on pages one through nine in the Community Services Agreement may not be changed.

    3. Extending the service dates of an existing program attachment - An amendment to extend the date of a specific attachment in the existing Community Services Agreement must contain the following information: Agreement number as it appears on the original Community Services Agreement; Provider name; clause stating the new term and the specific attachment name and number; signatures of the Provider and the Secretary of the Department of Human Services
    4. Changing language within an existing program attachment - An amendment to change language in an existing program attachment of the Community Services Agreement must contain the following information: Agreement number as it appears on the Community Services Agreement; Provider name; clause(s) stating the new language; signatures of the Provider and the Secretary of the Department of Human Services.

IV. Deliverables/Costs/Payments

  1. Payments to the Provider will be made on a prospective basis, rounded to the nearest $100.00. The final prospective payment may be greater or lesser than the previous payments due to rounding.
  2. The Department will compare the amount of the prospective payments made to date with the documented expenditures provided to the Department by the Provider. In the event the documented services provided by the Provider do not justify the level of award being provided to the Provider, future payments may be withheld or reduced until such time as the services documentation provided by the Provider equals the amounts previously provided to the Provider. Failure of the Provider to provide timely documentation may result in a reduction to the total award.
  3. The final payment from the Department under this Agreement shall be made upon the Department's determination that all requirements under this Agreement have been completed, which determination shall not be unreasonably withheld. Such final payment will be subject to adjustment after the completion of a review of the Provider's records as provided in the Agreement.

V. Provider Responsibilities


The Provider shall provide the following services year round, including, but not limited to:

  1. Implementation of a social service model providing home visiting and case management to teenage mothers who have one child.
  2. Peer educator training for teenage mothers to prepare them to make group presentations before community groups and schools to talk about issues related to pregnancy prevention and the delay of a second pregnancy.
  3. Specialized training in adolescent and infant/child development, human physiology, and parenting education to staff that will provide home visiting services.
  4. Assisting teen parents to achieve the Department's Common Teen Outcomes and discussing reduction of sexually transmitted infections and HIV/AIDS.

Performance Standards

The Provider must meet performance standards which will be established by the Department and sent to the Providers in a separate document.


The Provider shall submit both a quarterly program report and the "Teen Parent Program Common Outcomes Reporting Tool" to the Department no later than 30 days after the end of each quarter. Report format will be determined by the Department.  You will be notified of requirements for program plans and budgets, at a later date.

The Provider must report, to the program manager, all staff, service site address, phone, fax or any e-mail address changes within five (5) days of occurrence.

VI. Department Responsibilities

The Department will provide technical assistance, and monitoring and reviews scheduled as determined by the Department for all programs operated under the Division of Family and Community Services.

VII. Support Services

Utilization of Community Resources

It shall be the responsibility of each project director to coordinate the services provided through the project with other sources of care in the community, such as:

  1. The Illinois Medical Assistance Program.
  2. Local Health Departments.
  3. Neighborhood Health Centers.
  4. Local Child Development Clinics.
  5. Division of Specialized Care for Children.
  6. Local Hospitals.
  7. Local Children and Family Services Programs.
  8. Local Schools.
  9. Vocational Rehabilitation Services.
  10. Regional Perinatal Centers.
  11. Local Early Intervention Programs for Infants and Toddlers with Handicaps.
  12. Other related social service agencies.

Please refer to 77 Ill. Adm. Code 630.160 and 630.170; Other Applicable Rules; and to the program-specific Exhibits for additional requirements.

VIII. Billing Instructions

Providers shall use the following methodology to document the use of these funds:

  1. The Provider shall provide summary documentation by line item of actual expenditures incurred for the purchase of goods and services necessary for conducting program activities. The Provider shall use generally accepted accounting practices to record expenditures and revenues as outlined in DHS Rule 509, Fiscal Administrative Recordkeeping and Requirements.
  2. Expenditures shall be recorded in the Provider's records in such a manner as to establish an audit trail for future verification of appropriate use of Agreement funds.
  3. Expenditure documentation shall be submitted in a format, defined by the Division of Family and Community Services on a monthly basis, within fifteen days of the end of the month reported.
  4. The Provider shall submit expenditure documentation by one of the following means: 
    1. Mailing Address
      Charlotte Heberling
      100 South Grand East, 2nd Floor
      Springfield, IL 62762
      Phone: 217-524-5835
    2. Fax
    3. Email
  5. All financial record keeping on the part of the Provider shall be in accordance with generally accepted accounting principles consistently applied.

Expenditure Document Form Instructions

Expenditure Documentation Form (pdf)

IX. Program Monitoring

The Provider shall permit Department staff to conduct reviews of its record of service delivery to participants. The purpose of the reviews will be to ensure that services are being provided in a manner consistent with items listed in Provider Responsibilities.

X. Program Budget

Providers agree to establish and utilize a budget approved by the Provider's Board of Directors.

XI. Appendices/Forms 

Not applicable