Program Support & Fiscal Management CSA Attachment M



This document serves as an Attachment to the Illinois Department of Human Services' Community Services Agreement and sets forth supplemental contractual obligations between the Provider and the Department.  The Attachment provides contractual requirements beyond those in the Agreement and is intended to clarify programmatic areas of the Office of Program Support & Fiscal Management.


The Provider must comply with applicable rules which include, but are not limited to the following:

A.  Federal:

  • 45 CFR 205, General Administration, Public Assistance Programs
  • 45 CFR 260-265, General TANF Provisions
  • PL 105-34, Balanced Budget Act (BBA) of 1997
  • PL 104-193, Personal Responsibility and Work Reconciliation Act of 1996 (PRWORA), Temporary Assistance for Needy Families (TANF)
  • Deficit Reduction Act (DRA) 2005

B.  State:

89 Ill. Adm. Code, Chapter IV, Part 112, TANF Employment & Training Program


A. Front Door Program

Provides TANF applicants with employment expenses to begin or keep a job.

B. Family and Community Services (FCS) Special Contracts

FCS Special Contracts provide services to Illinois citizens when special needs are identified.  Programs are negotiated individually.  Services may be restricted to target populations, specified communities or geographical areas.

C. DHS TANF Initiative

The Temporary Assistance for Needy Families (TANF) program provides temporary financial assistance for pregnant women and families with one or more dependent children.  TANF provides financial assistance to help pay for food, shelter, utilities, and expenses other than medical expenses.  Since the inception of this program in 1997, DHS has had agreements with various types of contractors who provide employment and training services to TANF customers in an effort to help them gain independence.

Pursuant to the Deficit Reduction Act, changes were made to federal TANF regulations that place greater restrictions on the types of activities that are countable and tighter record-keeping requirements.  Failure to meet the new requirements would result in the potential loss of millions of dollars in federal funding. Consequently, DHS must increase the number of Work Experience and Community Service positions available for TANF customers.  Accordingly, DHS has begun a new initiative to encourage additional providers to establish such positions.

Below is a description of this new initiative.  Provider participation in this program is voluntary.  If you choose to participate, DHS will provide you with a specific agreement detailing requirements of the program.

The Role of the Provider

The Provider will ensure it establishes work experience and/or community services positions for up to three (3) individuals participating in the Temporary Assistance to Needy Families (TANF) employment and training program.  These individuals are referred to herein as the "Participant" or "Participants".

    The Participants will be referred to the Provider by the local Family Community Resource Center (FCRC) or by a TANF employment and training contractor. Participants will be assigned to either work experience or community service positions for no more than thirty (30) hours per week.

    The Provider will be required to provide daily supervision to the Participant(s) assigned, complete daily attendance records, provide comments on the Participant's progress, and transmit this information on a weekly basis to the person or entity who made the referral (i.e., the local office and/or Employment & Training contractor). The attendance form must be signed by the Participant(s) and the site supervisor. The Provider's site supervisor must participate in monthly telephone conferences with the case manager assigned to the client/customer.  These telephone conferences will be held at a time that is mutually agreeable to the site supervisor and the case manager.

    For Community Service positions, the Provider must provide the following information: (1) a description of the agency's mission, (2) how its services benefit the community, (3) the task(s) that will be performed by the Participant(s) at the agency, and (4) the job skills to be acquired by performing the task(s).  It is preferred that all documents required are submitted to the agency prior to the client/customer being referred to the provider; however, such documents must be provided no later than (5) days after receiving the referral.  Daily attendance of the client must be recorded and maintained. Upon request, record of the attendance of each customer sent to the referring agency must be sent to the TANF caseworker.

    For Work Experience, the Provider must identify the specific tasks/duties to which the Participant(s) will be assigned. It is preferred that all documents required are submitted to the agency prior to the client being referred to the provider; however, such documents must be provided no later than (5) days after receiving the referral. Daily attendance of the client must be recorded and maintained. Upon request, record of the attendance of each customer sent to the referring agency must be sent to the TANF caseworker.


    A. Program Manual

    The program services are detailed in the Program Manual. The Provider is required to comply with all of the conditions and provisions in the Program Manual, which serves as the formal statement of requirements between the Provider and the Department. Exceptions to these conditions and provisions must have the written approval of the Department. 

    The Provider will provide the services as outlined in their annual request for funding, if applicable, and in the Program Manual.  The Department will notify the Provider in writing of the disposition of the funding request and note any modifications to the submitted plan for service delivery.

    B.  Approved Budget

    The Department is not liable for costs incurred by the Provider that are not contained in the approved program budget.  Except as otherwise stated or provided for in the attachment or in the Program Manual, no payment for extra charges, supplies or expenses shall be made without prior written approval from the Department.

    C.  Deliverables

    If applicable, deliverables are found in the Program Manual.


    A. Grants

    A program that receives all or part of the funding in advance of the actual delivery of services.  This includes prorated prospective payments and payments made by the Department on an estimated basis or any other basis when the Department does not know the actual amount earned by the Provider.  This does not include advance payments made under the authority of Section 9.05 of the Illinois Finance Act (30 ILCS 105/9.05).  All funds paid as a grant are subject to the Illinois Grant Funds Recovery Act [30 ILCS 705].

    Payment(s) to the Provider are based upon services as specified in the Program Manual. All funds disbursed by the Department on a grant basis are subject to reconciliation and the recovery of lapsed funds.  Any funds left after the reconciliation are subject to the Grant Funds Recovery Act.  The reconciliation will be based on one of the following methods at the election of the Department:

    1. Eligible Expenditures v. Program Revenue - This method compares the eligible expenditures to the total Department grant revenues by program.  An independent audit and associated supplemental revenue and expense schedule may be required from the provider.  Eligible expenditures will be determined based on 89 Ill. Adm. Code 509.20, Allowable/Unallowable Costs and specific program requirements, if applicable.
    2. Eligible Services Delivered v. Services Projected - This method compares the actual eligible services delivered to the services projected in the Agreement.  If the services were based on a rate or unit of cost methodology, the number of eligible service units delivered times the rate or unit is compared to the total of all grant payments for that service.

    B.  Fee-for-Service

    A program for which payments are made on the basis of a rate, unit cost or allowable cost incurred and is based on a statement or bill as required by the Department. Payments made as a fee-for-service are not subject to the Illinois Grant Funds Recovery Act [30 ILCS 705].

    Payments to the Provider are based upon services and rates as specified in the Program Manual. Billings, with substantiating documentation, are submitted by the Provider upon completion of service.  The Provider may be issued an advance which will be deducted from billings before the end of the contract period.


    All services funded by Office of Program Support & Fiscal Management must meet any stated eligibility conditions in the Office of Program Support & Fiscal Management's Program Manual.


    A. Billing and Reporting

    The Department will provide the billing procedures, forms and reporting requirements.

    B.  Computation of Error

    The Department reserves the right to correct or return to the Provider for correction any documents with mathematical or computational errors in payment subtotals or total contractual obligation.


    1. The Provider will respond to a request by the Department for additional or supplemental information within the timeframe specified in the written request for information.
    2. The Provider Manager will act as the duly authorized representative of the Department to facilitate the information flow between the Department and the Provider.  The information required by the provisions of this Agreement must be routed to the Provider Manager unless otherwise specified within the provision contained in the Program Manual.
    3. The Provider Manager is the contact person to request technical assistance and/or to initiate dispute resolution.  Requests for modification to the Provider's approved request for funding or deliverables and requests for exception to contract requirements must be made in writing to the Provider Manager.
    4. Failure of either party to insist on performance of any term or condition of this Attachment or to exercise any right or privilege hereunder shall not be construed as a continuing or future waiver of such term, condition, right, or privilege.
    5. The Provider must develop linkages and coordination of service delivery with other service providers, as appropriate, to ensure that the needs of the customer are met.
    6. The Provider must have available for inspection linkage agreements or memorandums of understanding with other community services agencies, IDHS local offices, and other outreach entities.
    7. The Provider is prohibited from imposing fees, penalties or fines on customers for any reason.
    8. The Provider is prohibited from assigning customers to participate in political activities during the term of this Agreement.
    9. The Provider is responsible for ensuring that funds are spent only on individuals eligible for services under the conditions of this Agreement.
    10. The Provider will not duplicate services.  The Provider will not exchange customers between this Agreement and any other Departmental contractual Agreement without the approval of the Local Office liaison.  There will be no payment for duplications under this Attachment.  There will be no payment for exchanges without a signed and dated Referral Form from the Department.
    11. In the event the Provider, its parent or related corporate entity becomes a party to any litigation, investigation or transaction that may reasonably be considered to have a material impact on the ability to perform under this Agreement, the Provider will immediately notify the Department in writing.  Failure to notify the Department constitutes a breach of this Agreement that can result in immediate termination.
    12. The Provider will provide the Department with written notification of negative incidents involving or impacting customers within 48 hours.  The Department will assume no responsibility for the inappropriate conduct of participants.  The Provider has the right to pursue legal remedies against participants for misdeeds with no involvement on the part of the Department.
    13. If the Department identifies or becomes aware of legal violations or alleged improprieties, the Department will remove the participants from the premises of the Provider and/or the Provider's subcontractor(s).  The Department may withhold payments without notice.
    14. The Provider will attend meetings held by the Department to discuss issues related to the Agreement and/or the contracting process and will require appropriate project staff to attend Department arranged training session.
    15. The Provider must have a community outreach plan which includes a detailed description for notifying the community of the program, hours of operation, and admittance/eligibility requirements into the program(s) they administer for IDHS.
    16. IDHS must approve any publication and distribution of flyers, printed materials and brochures that are part of the IDHS funded program.
    17. The Providers must have a referral process that assists program participants with enrollment into public benefit programs such as TANF, Food Stamps, KIDCARE, medical and disability assistance, as well as other resources that address the needs of the population targeted for service.

    Funding Reserve

    Reductions in Amounts Payable: The amount(s) payable, or estimated amount(s) payable, to vendor/provider under the agreement and this attachment is/are subject to a reduction as necessary or advisable, based upon actual or projected budgetary considerations, at the sole discretion of the Department of Human Services.