The CCMS Communicator - February 2012 (pdf)

A Word from Ray and Rick

Everyone knows to call Ray or Rick for RACF IDs, or to get Child Care Tracking System (CCTS) passwords reset. Rick handles problems with the CCTS, certificates and the IVR system. Ray helps sites with payments by keeping the Monthly Enrollment Reports moving.

These are just a few of the tasks that we have been handling for years! These tasks are among the components that will be part of the "The CCAP Help Desk." We will continue to provide excellent service to child care staff, CCTS users and providers, but the only difference will be the automated handling of technology service requests. This will help us to record, escalate and track tasks.

We are in the process of working with INCCRRA to set up each CCR&R with WEB3270 and BlueZone for accessing the CCTS. There were issues with getting the first CCR&R going as there are certain things that must be set up on each computer in order for this to work properly. Central Management Services (CMS) made changes on January 22, 2012 that helped in fixing the problems that we have had in the past. It seems to work much better.

We will continue to issue and collect the 4052 and 4055 security forms for any R&R/SITE staff requesting passwords for the CCTS, CCMS and InfoView. The process to create, delete and reset CCTS passwords and RACF IDs will not change. There is a different procedure for the CCMS and InfoView, which will have the same ID and password. We will submit the request for all new passwords for the CCTS, CCMS and InfoView and will need to be notified as quickly as possible if a user's rights need to be revoked, or when staff leaves so we can remove the ID from usage. However, users will need to contact Central Management Services (CMS) to reset CCMS and InfoView passwords. At present, this is done via telephone. However, CMS is working on a self-service web portal that should be active before CCMS go-live.

CCAP Help Desk Tasks

Following is a list of tasks which will be managed by CCAP Help Desk Staff:

  • Receive CCTS and CCMS problem report from agency's local expert
    • If unable to resolve, start a MIS problem ticket
  • Assign, track and cancel CCTS system passwords
  • Issue, receive and track security forms from users for CCMS, CCTS and InfoView
  • Email system notifications of problems
  • Provide written procedures and requirements to new CCR&R and Site provider staff
  • Add/Delete/Modify procedures and requirements for existing CCR&Rs and Site providers

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Problem Escalation Procedures (Post CCMS Pilot)

All CCAP Help Desk technology problems must be reported via email. The email will be available 24 hours per day and 7 days per week. The normal business hours for State of Illinois employees are: 8:00am to 5:00pm, Monday to Friday CST, excluding state holidays or closures.

The CCAP Help Desk will utilize a 4-Tier approach to problem escalation, as follows:

Tier 1:  Agency User - The User encounters a problem with the CCTS or CCMS system and brings it to the attention of the Local Expert.

Tier 2:  Local Expert - The Local Expert will resolve the issue or escalate it to CCAP Help Desk by completing the Problem Report Form and e-mailing it to DHS.CCMS- HelpDesk@illinois.gov.

Tier 3: CCAP Help Desk - Staff will log the problem/issue, assign a tracking number, and attempt to resolve the issue. If the issue is not resolved, it will be escalated to IDHS/MIS and the local expert notified.

Tier 4: IDHS/MIS - Staff will review the problem report form and may contact child care staff in an effort to gather additional information. CCAP Help Desk staff will be updated on the problem resolution and will maintain contact with the agency's local expert.

Note: Only the Local Experts are authorized to advance a problem to the CCAP Help Desk. If the expert assigned to the office with the problem is absent or otherwise unavailable, the alternate (back-up) expert should be contacted. This restriction is necessary for assuring that all problems related to the CCTS or CCMS are maintained in a controlled environment, and handled expeditiously. If there are additional questions or concerns, please contact Deborah Levi at 312.793.3610.

Problem Report Form

Please complete the following fields to the best of your ability to help us identify & track the issue(s).



Local Expert Contact 


Phone Number:  

E-mail Address: 

Secondary Contact


Phone Number:  

E-mail Address: 

Date & Time the problem occurred:

Can you duplicate the problem? Yes or No

Who is experiencing the problem? Just me, Some coworkers, My entire team, My entire CCR&R/Site


Security Group:

CCMS Screen Name:

Provide a complete description of the problem encountered, including steps (actions) performed prior to experiencing the problem and the expected result (i.e. unable to remove sanction, incorrect co-pay, cannot close case, etc):

(This form will be e-mailed to the Local Expert prior to go-live.)

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Editors: CCAP Training, Program Support and Operations

Please e-mail comments or questions to DHS.CCMS-INFO@illinois.gov