MR #12.02: Revised Form 1893


  • In order to make it easier for clients to fulfill the SNAP REDE requirement and for staff to schedule the REDE interview, effective with SNAP approval periods ending 03/12 central Form 1893 is modified to serve as the SNAP REDE application. The first affected group of mailings will be for Groups 22-04 that are mailed about 2/15 and due back in the office about 3/15 for April benefits.  These will be available for staff to view in Mobius, report #84502341, beginning 01/19/2012.
  • Currently Form 1893 is the notice of expiration of a client's current approval period for cases not included in EZ REDE. The form is renamed and revised so that in addition to notifying the client of the expiring approval period, it will also be a SNAP REDE application.
  • Form 1893 now contains two check boxes. One checkbox is for the client to indicate if they have a hardship that allows a phone interview.  The other checkbox is for those who are able to indicate they can come to the office for an interview. 
  • The form also contains 14 questions similar to the questions included on Forms 4764 and 4765, Redetermination Application, and a place for a signature.
  • Form 4474, Guide to DHS Services, is mailed with Form 1893. In addition to Form 4474, Form 4765B Attachment to Application, and Form R-19, Voter Registration Application will be mailed with Form 1893.
  • For those workers who usually schedule an office interview when they receive a listing of Form 1893s that were centrally mailed, do not schedule the office interview until Form 1893 is received. Note: If the customer loses Form 1893 or comes to the FCRC without the 1893, provide them with Form 683.
  • When Form 1893 is returned to the office, review the notice to see if the customer is requesting a phone interview or an office interview.  If the customer requests a phone interview, schedule a phone interview not an office interview. For active SNAP cases with earnings, schedule a phone interview unless the customer requests an office interview.
  • Send the customer Form 1721 scheduling the interview and requesting any additional information or documents that are needed.