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Individual Profile - Updated 7/01/16

Number Data
208 Current Census
51 Average age of persons served (23 - 79 age range)
81% Severe or Profound M.R. range
64% Have a behavior intervention program, often requiring higher levels of staff supervision
46% Receive psychotropic medications

Location: Centralia - Clinton County

Murray Developmental Center was initially opened in 1964. It provides a broad spectrum of individuals with behavioral and medical needs. Murray Center's campus is on 120 rolling acres. The living areas are separated into seven cottages. Each cottage have units with a day area, dining room, dietary, nurses station and laundry. The cottages are interconnected with walking paths for access to the Community building. The Community building provides on-site activities during the day and evenings. The Community building has a Bistro where the individuals are trained in a setting for transition into an occupation in the community. Murray individuals also attend an off campus workshop. The campus has a main dietary, mechanical building, boiler house and clothing area. The Center sits in a circular drive around the exterior of the campus.

The Center provides training designed to assist individuals to function in a least restrictive environment independently. The end goal is to provide a setting that allows the person to live in the most integrated setting to meet their specific needs.

Murray Center complies with all CMS, Public Health, Federal Life Safety requirements and maintains substantial compliance.