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Individual Profile

Number Data
47.8 average age of persons served (20 - 77 age range)
74% Severe or Profound M.R. range
62% Have a behavior intervention program, often requiring higher
levels of staff supervision
55% receive psychotropic medications

Location: Park Forest - Southern Cook County

The Elisabeth Ludeman Center is located on 60 acres in Park Forest.

The Center is divided into four (4) residential units comprised of 10 to 11 homes and the Ludeman Center now has 1 home for short term admissions. Each unit has a centrally located Neighborhood House which has offices for the Unit Director, Social Worker, Psychologists, Physician, Nursing Personnel, Personal Services Coordinators (QIDP's), Residential Services Supervisors and clerical personnel.

Each of the 43 ranch-style homes has a kitchen, dining/living room area, utility room which contains a washer and dryer, two full and one half bathrooms, and five bedrooms.

Over one-half of the people who currently reside at the Ludeman Center attend vocational training programs at community training sites or workshops.  The remainder of the people are served in on-campus day training programs.  Currently, 8 individuals are working in a food service program and staff the Ludeman Cafe.  A number of individuals are also involved in the Centerwide recycling program in which they are able to earn money.  Ludeman is also starting a cooperative gardening program with Cornerstone, where several individuals will help with a vegetable garden and greenhouse flowers at Ludeman under Cornerstone staff supervision.