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Individual Profile - Updated 2/01/16

Number Data
395 Current Census
49.2 average age of persons served (19 - 75 age range)
70% Severe or Profound M.R. range
65.4% Have a behavior intervention program, often requiring higher
levels of staff supervision
57.6% receive psychotropic medications

Location: Park Forest - Southern Cook County

The Elisabeth Ludeman Center is located on 60 acres in Park Forest.

The Center is divided into three (3) residential units comprised of 14 to 15 homes. Each unit has a centrally located Neighborhood House which has offices for the Unit Director, Social Worker, Unit Physician, Nursing Personnel, Personal Services Coordinators (QIDP's), Residential Services Supervisors and clerical personnel. In addition, the Center established a Psychological Services Unit which houses all Psychologists, Psychiatrists, a therapy room and EAP office. The Ludeman Center also serves as an admission center for individuals having significant adaptive issues in the community-based setting. The Center has established the "Stepping Stones" Crisis Program, which consists of a team of professionals to address the emergent needs of those having significant issues in the community. The teams' main priority is to stabilize and ensure a successful transition back into the community. Currently, two (2) homes are designated for short term admissions (1 home for males and 1 home for females).

Each of the 43 ranch-style homes has a kitchen, dining/living room area, utility room which contains a washer and dryer, two full and one half bathrooms, and five bedrooms.

Over one-half of the people who currently reside at the Ludeman Center attend vocational training programs at community training sites or workshops. The remainder of the people are served in on-campus day training programs. Currently, 8 individuals are working in a food service program and staff the Ludeman Cafe. Four (4) of those have graduated and are now working part-time in the community at a local small business food establishment. A number of individuals are also involved in the Center-wide recycling program in which they are able to earn money. Ludeman has started a cooperative gardening program with Cornerstone Services, where several individuals help with a vegetable garden and greenhouse flowers at Ludeman under Cornerstone staff supervision. Ludeman opened its kitchen (10,000 square feet) on grounds that will prepare hot nutritious meals for the residents of the Center.

Finally, the Ludeman Center has opened its doors and shared space/services with the Illinois Department Of Transportation's District 1 South DBE Resource Center; as well as the Office of the Inspector General, Bureau of Civil Affairs, Bureau of Quality Management, and the Pharmacy (formally housed at the Tinley Park Mental Health Center), which was relocated to the Ludeman Campus in November 2012. The Pharmacy provides medication to the people living at the Ludeman Center, as well as the Mabley Center in Dixon, IL.