The CCMS Communicator - January 2012 (pdf)

A Word from Loretta Davis

One exciting new feature of CCMS is InfoView. InfoView will allow CCAP staff to create and run their own CCMS reports. There will be 14 CCMS reports for CCAP eligibility available on InfoView which are listed below. There will also be several new CCMS reports for the BCCD PIQA and Customer Service units.

Most of the eligibility reports that CCAP staff now download from the CCTS website will be replaced either by the new reports in InfoView or by new alerts in CCMS. CCAP staff will no longer need to work through a bunch of CCTS web download reports each month. Let's all give a big HOORAH!

  • Cases & Children
  • Income, activity & Co-Pay Report
  • Eligibility End Dates
  • Cases Changes
  • New Application routed to another Site
  • Case Demographic Information
  • Case Ad Hoc-Look
  • Staff Activity Production Report
  • Child Care Application Listing
  • Task Classification
  • Provider Information By Case
  • Provider Information
  • City of Chicago/Duplicate Child Report
  • Common Parents Report

Computer Basics

Building Your "Favorites"

You can add any report to your "Favorites" folder.  To do so:

  1. Navigate to any report
  2. Check the box next to the report name
  3. Click on the "Organize" drop down
  4. Choose "Add to my Favorites"
  5. Click on the "Favorites" folder or a subfolder you have created
  6. Click OK

CCMS Infoview for Ad-hoc Reporting

InfoView will be used by the CCMS as a central web-based data warehouse that will allow users to build and format queries or create and customize reports. After Log On is complete, a home page will appear from which the user can access areas of InfoView such as the inbox, favorites, preferences, and a list of reports available for reviewing. The Favorite's folder is user configurable and can be used to place shortcuts to frequently run reports. The Inbox can be used to receive reports from other users.

Sample of an Infoview Log-In Screen

Sample of an InfoView Log-In Screen Enter System, User Name Password and Authentication

Users will have the ability to export reports to various formats, including Adobe PDF and Microsoft Excel for easy viewing and sorting of data. InfoView also allows users to schedule reoccurring reports.

Sample of a CCMS Report:

Sample of the Income, Activity & Co-Pay Report generated in CCMS 

Sample of an InfoView Report History Page

Sample of an InfoView Report History page.

Column Headers Description of Column Headers
Title Name of report with links to schedule new reports or view reports previously ran.
Last Run Time and Date of last time you created the report.
Type Always displays Crystal Report
Owner Your InfoView user name
Instances Number of times you have created the report.

Frequently Asked Report Questions

  1. Q: Where can I find more information on CCMS Reports?

    A: CCMS users will have access to an on-line Reports Job Aid training module that will provide step-by-step instructions.

  2. Q: If I change my InfoView password, does this change my password for other systems?

    A: No, these are separate passwords needed for CCTS, CCMS, and InfoView.

  3. Q: Can I use InfoView to run reports on CCTS data?

    A: No, only CCMS data will be stored in this data warehouse.

Questions/Concerns should be routed to: DHS.CCMS-INFO@Illinois.gov

Bureau of Child Care & Development (BCCD)
Editors: BCCD Training & Operations, Volume 2, Issue 5