Local Office Pride (LOP)

Helping Families. Supporting Communities. Empowering Individuals.

Creating A Culture Of Caring For Our Customers And One Another!

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Through the Local Office Pride initiative, we intend to create a culture of caring - together - in which our DHS Family Community Resource Centers (FCRC's):

  • Facilitate customer access to programs and services that help them attain self-sufficiency without burdensome procedural hurdles, and
  • Staff feel appreciated, supported and encouraged in their work, and
  • Customers feel respected and treated with dignity when visiting our offices.


  • To measurably improve the waiting room processes and physical plant environment.
  • To engage and inspire FCRC staff in this culture shift improvement plan and help boost employee morale.
  • To develop and test in pilot offices innovative strategies for better serving the high volume of customers in need of assistance. Strategies include express desks, greeters and improved signage.

LOP Updates

Regional LOP Launches!

Public Engagement Efforts

Involve local officials and community partners

  • Invite IDHS/FCRC partners
  • Establish "Local Office Sponsorship" Initiative
  • Seek corporate partnerships
  • Recruit volunteers

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