Client MH Info

Client Mental Health Information

  • This above screen will display if Mental Health (MH) is selected on the Client Information Selection screen.
  • Enter all pertinent information and click on the PROCESS button to save.
  • Detailed descriptions of the Mental Helath information fields and corresponding codes are in the ROCS User Manual starting on page 5-13 (hard copy of the manual).  In the PDF version of the manual, these descriptions start at page 28.
  • Using the F1 key for each field will also get descriptions and related information for each field.  Your curser must be in the field to use the F1 key.

Registration Date

  • This date needs to be at least one day prior to the 1st date of service that your agency provided for this client.
  • If this client has been your agency for a very long time, the date must be after 7/1/1994

Diagnosis Type

  • I for ICD-9 codes
  • D for DSM-IV code

Principal Diagnosis

  • Indicates which diagnosis code reported is the client's principal diagnosis for the focus of treatment.
    • NOTE: Values B, C, E, F, H & I are not valid if No Diagnosis or Diagnosis Deferred is reported in item. G, H, I are valid for DD only.

Diagnosis Codes

  • Select and enter only those diagnoses having the most significant clinical impact on the treatment of the client; that is, the medical conditin most important to the overall understanding or treatment of the client.
  • A full description of diagnosis codes to be used can be found on page 35 of the ROCS User Manual in PDF format.
  • In the hard copy of the User Manual, diagnosis descriptions can be found on pages 5-20 thru 5-21.
  • A diagnosis code of V7109 is the default and indicates No Diagnosis is given.
  • All codes are left justified, have no decimals and are either 3, 4 or 5 characters in length. For example: 3180, 317, 319, 345, 3439,