Client DD Information

Client Developmental Disabilites (DD) Information

  • Enter all information on this screen as you know it
  • When in doubt as to what to enter, use the F1 key on your keyboard for Help
  • Using F1 key will provide some explanation. More information can be found in the ROCS User Manual on pages 35-36.
  • Once all information is completed, use the PROCESS button to save your input 

Registration Date

  • This date needs to be at least one day prior to the 1st date of service that your agency provided for this client.
  • If this client has been your agency for a very long time, the date must be after 7/1/1994

Diagnosis Type

  • For all DD clients this will always be I for ICD-9CM

Principal Diagnosis

  • Select and enter only those diagnoses having the most significant clinical impact on the treatment of the client; that is, the medical condition most important to the overall understanding or treatment of the client.
  • Note:  Values B, C, E, F, H & I are not valid if No Diagnosis or Diagnosis Deferred is reported in item.  G, H, I are valid for DD clients only.

Diagnosis Codes

  • A full description of diagnosis codes to be used can be found on page 35 of the ROCS User Manual in PDF format. 
    • In the hard copy of the User Manual, diagnosis descriptins can be found on pages 5-20 thru 5-21.
  • Use D as the Principal Diagnosis
  • Entering the correct diagnosis code in the D Axis II #1 field will work for DD Clients.
  • Enter other diagnois codes if you have them
  • A diagnosis code of V7109 is the default and indicates No Diagnosis is given.
  • All codes are left justified, have no decimals and are either 3, 4 or 5 characters in length. For example: 3180, 317, 319, 345, 3439, 29980