Prepare Your Computer for Elluminate

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Elluminate/Blackboard Collaborate, is a webinar system that allows us to have meetings and trainings over the internet. Use the following instructions to install the Elluminate/Blackboard Collaborate software and join an Elluminate/Blackboard Collaborate webinar.

Note: Installation may take approximately 20 to 40 minutes depending on your connection speed.

Click on the following link: Elluminate Live! Support Portal

  1. You should be taken to a website that looks like this:

  2. Click the "Get Required Software" link/button

  3. On the File Download - Security Warning dialog box, click the Run button.

  4. On the Internet Explorer - Security Warning dialog box, click the Run button.

  5. On the Java Setup - Welcome dialog box, click the Accept button.

  6. On the Java Setup Complete dialog box, click the Finish button.

  7. Next, return to the Elluminate Live! Support Portal page, scroll down and click the "Click here to Continue to Step 2" link. 

  8. You will be taken to the Elluminate First Time Users page. Click the Elluminate Live! link.

  9. Installation Success = 2 large green check marks.

    If you see 1 green check and 1 red X. Something is wrong and you need to try again.

  10. Scroll down to "STEP 2: Configuring your system" and click the "V10 Configuration Room" link

  11. IF you get a pop-up blocker bar (at the top of your screen under the tabs), click on it and choose "Download File" 

  12. Several screens will flash on the monitor. For example, Java Web Start, Elluminate V10
  13. Once in the room, you will see the following screen.

  14. Exit the Configuration Room (File, Exit)
  15. Your computer is ready for Elluminate/Blackboard Webinars.

On the day of your training, use the virtual room link provided by your trainer.

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