Introduction to Elluminate

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Elluminate is a webinar system that allows us to have meetings and trainings over the internet. The following instructions provide a brief overview of the key features of Elluminate as well as a few useful troublshooting tips.

Elluminate Live

Screen shot of Elluminate Live showing Participants, Chat, Audio, and Whiteboard areas.

The Elluminate Live! window consists of four main areas:

  • Participants - near the upper left, the people participating in the current session are listed. Below the list, there are icons that can be used to raise your hand, show a smile, sad face, applause, or thumbs-down, and answer yes or no to moderator questons.
  • Chat - in the middle left, there is large, white box that shows the text of any chat messages sent by the moderator or participants. Below that is a shorter box (just above the Send button), which is where you can type your own messages. Following the Send button is a dropdown that allows you to select who can see your message -- normally, this should be set to "This Room". 
  • Audio - in the lower left, there are controls for using a microphone and speakers connected to your laptop. If you have dialed in to a teleconference, do not use any of these controls.
  • Whiteboard/Application Sharing - the right area of the screen is where you will be able to see the information that the moderator is presenting. If the moderator is showing a program, such as Word, PowerPoint, or Internet Explorer, it will appear in an "Application Sharing" windo that appears on top of the Whiteboard.

Scale to Fit

If the presenter is sharing an application, and you can't see the whole screen, try setting Elluminate to "Scale to Fit". This will shrink the size of what is being displayed in the Application Sharing window so that you can see all of it.

  1. Open the Tools menu
  2. Select Application Sharing
  3. Select Scale To Fit

 Screen shot of Elluminate window showing Tools menu, Application Sharing, Scale To Fit.

Resetting the Layout

If the Elluminate screen doesn't look like you expect -- for example, if the Whiteboard or other areas have disappeared -- try resetting the layout:

  1. Open the View menu
  2. Select the Layouts option
  3. Select Default Layout

Screen shot of Elluminate Live showing View menu, Layouts, Default Layout.