The CCMS Communicator - October 2011 (pdf)

A Word from Richard Martin

The Child Care Management System will help enhance the operation of the Program Integrity and Quality Assurance (PIQA) Unit in several ways: First it will allow the manually kept BCCD Monitoring Schedule to become automated, and the CCMS will send automated notices to selected staff for appropriate events by using the dates input into the schedule by the manager.

The CCMS will be able to expedite the process and simplify productivity of monitoring visits. Currently, these audits are very paper intensive because we must see complete client records for a percentage of each provider's caseload.

The new system will maintain client records in an electronic data warehouse. Anyone with appropriate security will have the ability to view client records, and issue alerts from any computer via the Internet.

Finally, as Manager of the PIQA Unit, electronic access and communication is important to me. However, equally as important is the knowledge that client information and records will be secure.

Keeping You Informed

Effective on system "Go-Live" day, all program paperwork will need to be sent directly to the CCMS. BCCD will no longer use Data Entry Forms (DEFs).

There will be three options for entering program documents into the CCMS:

  1. Scanner: Child Care Resource & Referral Agencies and select Site - Administered Providers Only will be issued CCMS-compatible scanners.
  2. Internet: Parents and sites can go to the IDHS website to complete and submit an application form online. Supporting documentation, including IPACS screens, checks stubs, etc., can be e-mailed directly into the CCMS.
  3. Fax: Parents and sites can fax their application or redetermination forms, and supporting documentation to an 800#.

The CCMS will not totally eliminate the need for manual data entry. However, when applications are submitted online and emailed, most of the information will be automatically populated when the worker goes to the CCMS data entry screens. The information will need to be reviewed and validated.

For applications that are handwritten and scanned or faxed, the system will attempt to read only the fields that are needed for routing, which are: Form Type, First Name, Last Name, County, Provider Name, and Provider Type.

Each Scanning Cubicle/Station will need: 3 x 6 square feet of physical space, a desk/table, telephone connection, network connection, and a minimum of 4 electrical outlets.

The BCCD is under construction!

October 2011 CCMS Application Process Diagram

BCCD will provide training on all three options.

Readiness Workshop Preview

Security Administration: Thursday, October 27

General Functionality: November (date tba)

Scanning & Work Item Functionality: January (date tba)

Go-Live: February (date tba)

Site Readiness & Cut-over Weekend: March (date tba)

Updated CCMS Project Timeline

User Acceptance Testing: January 2012

Training Sessions: January - March 2012

Limited Pilot: March 6, 2012

State-Wide "Go-Live": March 27, 2012

Questions/Concerns should be routed to: DHS.CCMS-INFO@Illinois.gov

Bureau of Child Care & Development (BCCD)

Editors:  BCCD Training & Operations, Volume 1, Issue 2