CCMS August/September 2011 (pdf)

A Message from Director Linda Saterfield

The future is at our fingertips!  As you know, we have been working very long and hard to secure a new technology for the Child Care Assistance Program. Many of you have partnered with us in the long months of examining and diagramming our business process, endless meetings, and the more recent almost daily JADS (Joint Application Design Sessions). We thank you for that hard work and we are thrilled to announce that we are very close to that plan becoming a reality.

We know your work will be greatly impacted by the technology and we want to keep you informed of the progress we are making as the new system is put into place. With that in mind, we bring to you our first official newsletter, "The Communicator".

This newsletter will serve as a vehicle for important announcements, timelines, events, changes, and information on the project development and implementation for all our Stakeholders. Everyone will get the same information from the same source. We are committed to having an open informational forum for all and we encourage you to ask questions, give us comments, or provide suggestions on what you would like us to include in the newsletter that would be of importance to you.

Keeping You Informed

The Bureau of Child Care & Development (BCCD) has made steps toward going green and becoming more efficient. A little more than four years ago, a vision of a web-based data management system was proposed to reduce the usage of paper and improve the way in which client applications were processed.

The vision of having a reduce usage of paper has come to fruition. Deloitte Consulting, LLP was selected as the successful respondent to the Illinois Department of Human Services' Request for Proposal. Deloitte is an established leader in the design and implementation of enterprise solutions with many government and non-government clients.

BCCD and MIS, in partnership with Deloitte, have begun the design and construction phase of a web-based, electronic data management system that will replace many functions of the current Child Care Tracking System (CCTS). The CCMS will allow child care staff and providers to: capture, index, create, route, organize, transmit, view, print, retrieve, manage, update, track, and retain case information through the use of the Internet and a data warehouse.  The main benefit of CCMS will be efficiency: No time lost filing and retrieving documents.

CCMS will have the ability to create and manage child care cases, track work items (aka tasks) across departments/organizations, produce on-site Ad Hoc reports, and electronically generate and store documents.

In upcoming issues of "The Communicator", we will share progress notes on CCMS construction, project timelines, and information concerning:

  • Readiness & Training Workshops
  • Pilot & "Go-Live" Dates
  • New Forms, Web Application Forms, & Bar Coding
  • Scanning & Validation Process
  • Disposition of Scanned Documents
  • Reports

The Child Care Management is Under Construction

Through many JADS later, CCMS is finally in the actual construction phase. The following screen shots give an idea of the new look. There are tabs for easy movement from one task to the next.

Please note: The system is still under construction. Deloitte was required to produce mock-ups to share during the JADS, so while the child care information is correct, the Secretary of IDHS is Michelle R.B. Saddler.

Views of CCMS & CCTS Screens

Questions/Concerns should be routed to: DHS.CCMS-INFO@Illinois.gov

Bureau of Child Care & Development (BCCD)

Editors:  BCCD Training & Operations, Volume 1, Issue 1