Application Deadline:

Solicitations will be accepted throughout the year and grants issued at convenient intervals thereafter. Solicitations received after October 31st will be held for consideration the following year. NOTE TO RETURNING GRANTEES: incomplete requests will not be processed.


Fred Morgan Kirby, a five-and-dime-merchant who became one of the founders of F.W. Woolworth Company, endowed the Foundation in 1931 and served as president until 1940.

Allan P. Kirby succeeded his father in that role. In 1967, Allan's son, Fred M. Kirby II, assumed leadership and, for over forty years, through careful management of assets, greatly enlarged its endowment and stature in the communities the Foundation serves.

The F. M. Kirby Foundation is a family foundation. Its grantees are largely in geographic areas of particular interest to five generations of Kirby family members and, in many cases, are organizations with which family members have been associated. Successful new applicants tend to be organizations already well known to one or more of the directors of the Foundation, and/or other members of the family.

Foundation grants are made to a wide range of nonprofit organizations in education, health and medicine, the arts and humanities, civic and public affairs, as well as religious, welfare and youth organizations. Churches, hospitals, schools and colleges, other than those attended or used by members of the family, are unlikely to receive support.

Community service organizations, drug and alcohol rehabilitation programs, volunteer service programs, youth and other local organizations outside geographic areas of particular interest are likewise unlikely to receive grants.

The Foundation supports a number of national medical research and service organizations and public policy organizations espousing the Foundation's fundamental beliefs.

Funding Restrictions:

No personal meetings with applicants are scheduled.

No grants are made to individuals.

No grants are made to public foundations which would, as a result thereof, become private foundations.

No loans are made.

No grants are made to underwrite fund-raising activities such as benefits, dinners, theater or sporting events.

No annual report is published.

No solicitations by FAX or E-mail are accepted.



Questions about procedures, applications, etc., and solicitations should be addressed to:

William H. Byrnes

Vice President - Grants

F. M. Kirby Foundation, Inc.

17 DeHart Street

PO Box 151

Morristown, NJ 07963-0151

Telephone (973) 538-4800