MR #11.22: Revises SNAP Utility Standards to Increase October 2011

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MR #11.22: Revises SNAP Utility Standards to Increase October 2011



  • This release revises the SNAP utility standard amounts published in MR #11.18 SNAP Standards and Utility Changes, dated 08/25/11.
  • As a result of using a new methodology to determine the State's utility standard amounts three standards will increase.  The Telephone Standard will decrease. FNS has approved the following changes to be implemented effective October 2011: 
    • Air Conditioning/Heating Standard increases to $331.
    • Limited Standard increases to $250 
    • Single Utility Standard increases to $56.
    • Telephone Standard is reduced to $28.
  • These changes are effective for October 2011 issuances processed through AIS/ACM and IPACS on or after 09/12/11.
  • Active cases will be centrally updated at the close of their processing schedule for October, 2011.
  • System changes to the SNAP Web calculator and the expedited questions in AIS are effective 10/3/11.
  • The Program Standards chart WAG 25-03-02 is revised with the new revised utility standards amounts.