Celebrating Solutions


The Mary Byron Project created the Celebrating Solutions Awards to showcase and applaud local innovations that demonstrate promise in breaking the cycle of violence. We select programs that can serve as models for the nation and offer $10,000 cash awards in recognition of their pioneering efforts. Nominations are judged by a panel of experts in criminal justice, health care, and public policy, and other disciplines that address domestic violence. The awards process includes submission of a nomination form, a program outline detailing innovative aspects of the program, and a release. Institutions advancing to the next round will be asked to answer additional questions, submit letters of support, and provide a program budget.


Both the nominated program and the institution must have been operating for a minimum of three years. The program must address the issue of domestic violence. The program must be part of a non-profit 501(c)(3) or government agency. The program should be replicable, or if it is national in scope, the program should have applications for individual communities, regardless of their size or ethnic population.

Application Deadline:

Please see application, for more information, visit the website:

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