A Monthly Public Assistance Update from the Illinois Department of Human Services November 2010


Total cases receiving Public Assistance in Illinois rose by 9,686 (16,212 persons) in November 2010. MANG and Non - Assistance SNAP cases were primarily responsible for the decrease. Aided cases numbered 1,567,450 (2,850,520 persons), up 7.1 percent from year-earlier totals.

Temporary Assistance to Needy Families (TANF)


  • Total TANF Benefits: An 898 case (2,463 person) increase left a total 38,837 families (96,615 persons) receiving TANF benefits in November. The caseload was 26.2 percent higher than the November 2009 total.
  • "0" Grant Cases: There were 3,013 "0" grant cases (8,474 persons) included this month, up 178 cases (451 persons) from October 2010.
  • TANF -Basic: TANF-basic (primarily single-parent) families rose by 869 cases (2,332 persons) to 37,991 cases (93,098 persons).
  • Two-Parent Cases: Two-parent cases increased by 29 (131 persons) to a total of 846 cases (3,517 persons) in November, 2010.

TANF Program Detail

  • Applications: The number of TANF applications received in November fell by 1,017 to a total of 8,187. New applications and re-applications both decreased. Receipts included: 7,061 applications for the basic sector and 1,126 applications for the two-parent sector. There were 2,192 applications pending for the combined program this month, a decrease of 158 applications over October levels.
  • Approvals: There were 3,174 assistance approvals this month, including 2,232 new grants (down 153 from October 2010) and 942 reinstatements (down 74). A reinstatement is defined as approval of any case that was active within the previous 24 months.

Reasons for Case Openings

There were 3,375 November 2010 TANF openings for which reasons were available, up 151 from the October level. This total includes 3,220 cases from the basic sector and 156 cases from the two-parent sector. Reasons for opening cases included the following:

Reasons for Case Openings % Of Total Case Openings
Reinstatement after remedying
Previous non-cooperation
Living below agency standards 81.7
Loss of employment 0.9
Loss of other benefits 2.9
Parent leaving home 0.2
Increased medical needs 5.2
Loss of unemployment benefits 3.6
All other reasons 3.7

Reasons for Case Closings

Reasons were available for 2,239 November 2010 TANF case closings - up by 107 cases from October. This total includes 2,133 cases from the basic sector and 106 cases from the two-parent sector. Reasons for closing cases included the following:

Reasons for Case Closings % of Total Case Closings
Earned Income 30.9
Other Financial 5.0
Non-compliance* 32.2
Non-financial 31.9

*62 cases canceled in October 2010 for non-compliance related reasons were reinstated by November 2010 after complying.  These cases had no break in assistance.