WAG 15-06-01-l

new text3-Generation Family Units

A 3-generation family unit includes a grandparent(s), their child(ren) under age 19, and the child's child(ren). Example: A family that consists of Mom, her 17 year old daughter, her 14 year old son and her daughter's 2 year old child is a 3-generation family.

With a 3-generation family, first determine eligibility for Assist including all family members in the standard. If total family income exceeds 133% of the FPL, complete a second eligibility calculation using standards based on responsible relative policy.

See PM 09-02-00 for a definition of who is a legally responsible relative.

new textNon-Responsible Caretaker Relatives

A non-responsible caretaker relative, is a person who meets the definition of caretaker relative (see PM 03-05-01), and who is not legally responsible for a child or a child's parent in the Family Unit.

  • Note: A stepparent does not fall into this definition because they are responsible for the child's parent. An unmarried parent does not fall into this definition because they are responsible for the child.

When assistance is requested for a caretaker relative who is not legally responsible for the children who live with them, such as a grandparent, aunt, uncle, etc., do not consider the income of the caretaker relative when determining the child's eligibility. Do not consider the income of the child when determining the caretaker relative's eligibility.