Illinois Prescription Monitoring Program - DHS 4183

State of Illinois
Department of Human Services

Prescription Information Library

The Prescription Information Library (PIL) is part of Illinois Department of Human Services and is maintained by the Illinois Prescription Monitoring Program (PMP).

The PMP is funded through the U.S. Department of Justice, Office of Justice Assistance. Grant # 2010-PM-BX-0004.

Links to Drug Treatment, Controlled Substances Acts, Healthcare Manuals, Law Enforcement, and other States' Prescription Monitoring web sites are available at

What is PMP and PIL?

The Illinois Prescription Monitoring Program (PMP) tracks controlled substance prescriptions dispensed in Illinois.

The Prescription Information Library (PIL) is a web site that is maintained by the PMP and allows prescribers and dispensers to see their patient's prescription history.


The goal of the PIL is to assist prescribers and dispensers in the effective treatment of individuals seeking medical care.


The program is voluntary and is intended only to assist medical providers to better serve their patients.

Easy to Use

It is minimally disruptive to healthcare providers and there is no barrier to patient therapies.

What does the PIL contain?

  • Schedules II-V controlled substance prescriptions
  • Records viewable for six months and kept on record for two years.

Who submits prescription data?

Retail pharmacies dispensing in Illinois report on a weekly basis.

Who can access the web site?

  • Physicians
  • Pharmacists
  • Dentists
  • Veterinarians
  • Physician Assistants and Advanced Practice Nurses
  • Other Prescribers and Dispensers


To sign up for a free account, visit On the home page, you will find a Pharmacist Registration link and a Prescriber Registration link.

Law Enforcement and Patients can indirectly access information from the PMP. In order to do so, forms are available on the home page


Health Care Focused

The PIL is an electronic tool used to assist healthcare providers with accurate patient specific data to prevent potential drug interactions or accidental overdose.

Preventing Abuse and Diversion

The PIL can help prevent the misuse, abuse and diversion of controlled substance medications.

Mobile Accessibility

The PIL web site provides full functional availability for mobile devices.

24/7 Access

The web site provides users with 24-hour and immediate access to their patient's prescription history.

Prescription History Printout

The PIL allows prescribers to acquire a complete history of the prescriptions that have been dispensed under his or her DEA number.

Drug Treatment

The PIL provides a brief intervention form and the SAMSHA link to treatment centers on the web site.

About Confidentiality

  • HIPAA compliant privacy requirements
  • All patient information is confidential
  • Indirect law enforcement access

Illinois Prescription Monitoring Program
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Fax: 217-557-7975

Program Questions: 217-558-0943

Technical Questions: 217-685-0426 or 217-299-2973

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