MR #10.32: Implementing No Wrong Door And Waiving the Face-to-Face Interview for SNAP

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MR #10.32: Implementing No Wrong Door And Waiving the Face-to-Face Interview for SNAP


  • Effective January 3, 2011, Public Act 096-0867 allows customers to file applications for Cash, Medical, and SNAP benefits at any Division of Human Capital Development (HCD) Family Community Resource Center (FCRC).
  • Any application received in a full service office is kept and processed at that office, including those sent by mail or fax and those completed in person.
  • If an application is received and the applicant has an active case in another office, the applicant must choose which office will serve the case.  Cases that share the same payee must be in the same office.
  • Applications for Chicago GA can only be processed by certain Cook County offices. West and South Suburban FCRCs do not process GA cases.
  • Do not transfer a Cash, Medical, or SNAP application while it is pending except in rare instances with the approval of the Local Office Administrator (LOA).
  • The Web Application for Cash, Medical, and SNAP Benefits will be modified in the future so customers can choose the FCRC they want to process the application.
  • Form 552 Item 53, County of Residence, determines the appropriate Cash payment level and is now a required field.
  • Prior to January 3, 2011, the system will code the 3 digit office code from Item 1 in Item 53 for all active cases and inactive cases canceled in the last 4 months with the following exceptions; cases coded 120, 180, 189, 190 -196, 220, 238, or 250 in the office segment of the basic number.
  • Effective January 3, 2011, customers can request their active case be transferred to another FCRC.
  • Customers receiving Chicago GA cannot request their case be transferred outside of Cook County. Customers served by the following offices cannot request their case be transferred:

    • Medical Field Operations,
    • Special Units, and
    • SNAP Employment & Training (SNAP E&T FCRC).
  • Within 5 business days of a request for transfer, the receiving office transfers the case to its payroll, at the discretion of the LOA reviews and completes Form 4349, and sends the customer Form 85, including the name of the caseworker and his or her telephone number.  The sending office no longer completes and sends Form 85.
  • Cases served by the HFS central offices (All Kids, BCC, and HBWD) will remain with those offices and cannot request transfer to an FCRC.
  • New Item 80 code 668 OOC (Office of Choice) shows the office where the customer applied or requested his or her case be transferred and the month and year of the application or request. 
  • Effective January 3, 2011 at initial application and SNAP REDE, schedule a phone interview instead of a face-to-face interview for SNAP units that have earned income. If the SNAP unit requests a face-to-face interview, conduct one.
  • Forms 267 and 1721 are modified to allow for scheduling a telephone interview in lieu of a face-to-face interview and with language changes suggested by advocates and staff.