Doula Program
Bureau of Maternal & Infant Health
Division of Community Health & Prevention
Illinois Department of Human Services

Program Description


The target population are low income teens, the majority Medicaid eligible from the Parent Too Soon Program at four Chicago sites: the Marillac Social Center, Christopher House, the Easter Seals Child Development Center, and Kankakee Community College.


The main objective is to improve the outcomes associated with adolescent childbearing and parenting. The health of adolescent mothers and their children is the primary focus, by reducing the incidence of low-birth weight and poor pregnancy outcomes, and fostering healthy physical, social, emotional and cognitive development of their children.

Delivery Method

The service numbers differ at each site, but range from 36-50 participants per program each year. The maximum to be served by this grant will be 250. Payments to the Provider will be made on a prospective basis, rounded to the nearest $100.00. The final prospective payment may be greater or lesser than the previous payments due to rounding.


Services are provided to the Parents Too Soon Program participants at a total of four sites in the Chicago area. Services include support for mother and child during pregnancy, delivery, and the weeks after birth.

Program Data

Performance Indicators SFY06 SFY07 SFY08 SFY09
Program Expenditures (Numbers in 000's) $370.0 $381.0 $381.1 $381.1
Number of Grantees 4 4 4 3
Number Served 300 199 199 239

Program Accomplishments:

  • The program has achieved national recognition for its Doula services.
  • Women who receive Doula services during pregnancy tend to have less use of epidurals during labor, and are less likely to require a Cesarean Section for delivery.
  • Women who receive Doula services are more likely to breastfeed and to sustain breastfeeding longer than 6 weeks.