Overview of Committee Collaborative Website

Helping Families. Supporting Communities. Empowering Individuals.


When looking at the Streamlined Auditing and Monitoring of Community Based Services website, you may notice it is divided into columns/sections.

  1. Bread crumb navigation this tells you which site you are currently in within the Govenor's SharePoint sites. Use this to quickly jump back to pages or other areas within your site.
  2. Login information
  3. Help button - can use it to search onhow to use SharePoint.
  4. Title for the site you are currently looking at.
  5. Search area. You may limit your search to only the Streamlined Auditing Site or all sites you have access to.
  6. Left Content area - contains the site Navigation Menu
  7. Main Content area - contains the Mission or Charge of the committee, a list of Announcements and Calendar dates.
  8. Right Content area -
    1. Useful Links
    2. Report Countdown to the report deadline.

Streamlined Auditing Website Main Page

F. Left Content - the Navigation Menu

  1. View All Site Content - Shows a linear view of all the main site content.
  2. Documents
    • Shared Documents - Shows the list of Documents posted for this site.
  3. Lists
    • Calendar - Calendar for the Streamlined Auditing and Monitoring of Community Based Services
    • Tasks - Tasks for Streamlined Auditing and Monitoring of Community Based Services
  4. Discussions
    • Team Discussion - a blog area for your team discussions.
  5. Sites - contains a list of sub-committee sites for your team.  Post sub-committee specific information under these areas.
  6. People and Groups - a list of members that have access to the Streamlined Auditing website.

Contact Us

Access to Committee Collaborative (SharePoint) Website

To gain access to the Committee Collaborative (SharePoint) Website, contact Millie Releford.

Technical Issues

If you have problems logging into the Collaborative website, the DoIT Service Desk at (217) 524-3648 V, (312) 814-3648 V, (866) 277-5669 TTY .