PM 22-14-03-e

  1. new textTo access the WTPY screen, press the PF16 key from the BlueZone System (formerly called the IPACS Inquiry System) Menu. This brings up the WTPY Client Information Inquiry screen.
  2. Enter the client's SSN. Press Enter. If the SSN has not already been queried, the message "SSN NOT FOUND, PRESS PF4 TO INITIATE QUERY" will appear.
  3. Select PF5 SEND CITIZENSHIP and complete the following on the WTPY Request Entry Screen:
  • SSN - person's SSN
  • CASE ID - person's case number
  • RIN - person's Recipient Identification Number (not mandatory if not yet assigned)
  • LAST NAME - Person's last name
  • FIRST NAME - Person's first name
  • LOCAL OFFICE # - DHS Family Community Resource Center number or HFS LO number
  • CASELOAD - Caseload number of requester
  • BIRTH DATE - Person's Date of Birth (MM/DD/YYYY)
  • QUERY TYPE - Enter an X under CITZN

Citizenship Query Responses

Responses to citizenship queries can be obtained after 48 hours from the time the query was completed. You must return to the WTPY Client Information Inquiry screen and reenter the SSN to view SSA's response. When the query data that was entered matches SSA data, one of the codes in the table below will appear in the 'CTZNSHIP RESP' field.

Code Citizenship Response
A US citizenship and identity verified
B US citizenship and identity not verified
C US citizenship and identity verified; indication of death
D US citizenship and identity not verified; indication of death

If the query data entered does not match SSA data, an 'E' appears in the ID discrepancy field and one of the following error conditions codes will appear.

Code Error Condition
1 SSN not in file
3 birth date not matched
5 name not matched


The results of citizenship queries appear on Mobius reports that are generated on a monthly basis at schedule 9 cutoff. The reports are sorted by caseload within LO/FCRC and include all persons for whom a new indicator was received since the previous month schedule 9 cutoff.

  1. Report #2BPHB231 (WTPY NONCTZN RESP REPT) contains persons for whom citizenship is not confirmed; response codes 'B', 'D', '1', '3' and '5'.
  2. Report #2BPHB241 (WTPY DEATH IND RESPONSE REPT) contains persons for whom citizenship is confirmed but SSA records indicate the person is deceased; response code 'C'.
  3. Report #2BPHB251 (WTPY VERFIED CTZN RESPONSE REPT) contains persons for whom citizenship is confirmed and there is no indication of death; response code 'A'.

SSA/WTPY Verifies Citizenship

AIS -CAF screen 8A, Citizenship Documents Screen, contains a new value '22', "SOLQ/WTPY Inquiry". When citizenship and identity is verified through the SSA match, answer the Cit Doc Y/N field with a 'Y' and enter new value '22'. When '22' is entered, an "Identity Document Value" entry is not required and Item 74 of Form 552 will be coded '91'.

ACM - Use new Item 74 code '91' to indicate that citizenship and identity is established by a WTPY inquiry match with SSA. Until the automatic query process is in place, staff must manually code Item 74 with new code '91'.

SSA/WTPY Does Not Verify Citizenship and Identity

The following actions must be completed when the SSA citizenship query response does not verify citizenship and identity:

  1. Send the applicant or client a request Form 267 or 1721, with Form 3859A (Help Sheet for Citizenship & Identity Documentation) to provide documentation of citizenship and identity within 3 months. If otherwise eligible, process the approval or REDE while documentation is pending and set a control or flag the case for follow-up. 
  2. If the required documents are provided, code Item 74 as appropriate. (See PM 03-01-01-b and 03-01-01-c for documentation requirements.)
  3. If the required documents are not provided by the end of the 3-month period, cancel or delete the person from medical assistance unless they meet one of the exceptions listed below:
    1. the person is a child under age 19 (enter code '47' in Item 74), or 
    2. an adult who had an active case AND has been continuously living in a long term care facility, CILA, or SLF since 11/30/11 or earlier (enter new code '47' in Item 74).