Galileo Online-Date Entry Procedure Policy Number and Last Update 

  1. Program information and assessments are entered into the Galileo Online Web site at:
  2. Delegates are required to enter the following information into the ATI-Web (Galileo) system:
    1. Children's birth date and center's identification number-(Entered by data entry person) by child's first day of attendance;
    2. Family information - (Entered by data entry person) by the end of the child's first week of attendance;
    3. Children's attendance - (Entered by teachers or data entry person) minimum weekly;
    4. Education Services Track Sheet - (Entered by teachers or data entry person) enrollment date and drop dates, immediately after first or last day of attendance, rest of information ongoing as met;
    5. Staff contact information - (Entered by data entry person) by the end of the first week of staff's hiring date;
    6. Classroom Staff Track Sheet - (Entered by data entry person) hiring information immediately after hiring, rest of information ongoing as met;
    7. Children's assessment data - (Entered by teachers or data entry person) a maximum of one week after assessments are completed by teaching staff;
    8. Education Coordinator's Monitor Report - (Entered by coordinators) monthly by 10th working day of subsequent month;
    9. Education Coordinator's [CLASS] Classroom observation - (Entered by coordinators) monthly by 10th working day of subsequent month;
    10. Data Entry Monitor Report - (Entered by data entry person) monthly, by 10th working day of subsequent month.
    11. Child Immunizations - (Entered by Health Coordinator)
  3. Enter staff's qualifications and position, in the Staff Qualifications Track form, no later than a week after opening. Enter the staff's contact information and the rest of the information in the track sheet as soon as it is given to you.
  4. Person registering children provides the data entry person with a list of the children with birth dates, that qualify to attend IMSHS. Identify those that are re-enrolling from the previous year, and forward it to the Grantee Office.
  5. The Grantee office will transfer any children's and family's data from the previous year to the current year, and enter any new children into the database. Children are placed on the center roster list, however, they are not considered "enrolled" until they are moved into a classroom on their first day of attendance (See #7).
  6. Enter children's identification numbers and contact information immediately after child has been entered into database. Enter additional information as it is given to you.
  7. Move the child from the center roster list into assigned classroom on his/her first day of attendance, and enter data as "enrollment date" in the Education Services Track form.
  8. Once child's name has been moved into a classroom his name will appear in the classroom attendance page. Enter children's attendance at least weekly.
  9. Once the children have been moved into a classroom, follow the Assessment Procedure and print each classroom a Galileo Class Observation Record for each scale. Uncheck the Ready Now, Ready Soon & Ready Later boxes, but leave the Learned box checked, unless the form is to be used for planning purposes.
  10. Enter parents' contact information, if not entered yet, by the end of the child's first week of attendance.
  11. When entering assessment data, enter it as soon as you obtain it. The children will receive their first assessment within 30 days of enrollment and this data should be entered into the system by the fifth week of operation. Use the date on the assessment's hard copy when entering data. E.g. Teacher has July 12th on the form, but you enter it on July 17th; Use July 12 as the assessment date.
    1. Print an Individual Learning Plan, for each scale the children used, and give them to the teachers. Print out other Center Reports as requested by the Education Coordinator or Director.
    2. After the second assessment data has been entered, print another Individual Learning Plan and an Assessment History Record for each child, and give to the teachers.
  12. Use the Galileo instruction manual as a reference and obtain technical assistance, as needed, from the Education Manager.
  13. Complete the Data Entry Monitor by the tenth working day of subsequent month.